Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Prolific multi-instrumentalist and French funkateer Chris Joss returns with yet another masterpiece collection of sonic delights entitled No Play No Work. It’s hot on the heels of last year’s album Monomaniacs Vol. 1, yet this time Joss draws inspiration from the progressive jazz/rock/funk fusion of Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock and the Afrobeat rhythms of Fela Kuti. No Play No Work ups the ante with an aggressive whirlwind of blazing guitars, popping basslines, crisp breakbeats, raw turntable scratching and infectious robo-vocals! A definite milestone in Chris Joss’ ever-evolving musical catalogue and an indispensable gem for those who worship at the altar of funk! Chris Joss is known for constructing funky downtempo music that's heavily influenced by the film music of Lalo Schifrin, John Barry, and Quincy Jones. Joss made his debut in 1996 with The Man With A Suitcase. Dr. Rhythm appeared in 2002 and was followed two years later by the soulful You've Been Spiked. That same year, You've Been Spiked was picked-up for an American re-release by the ESL label, home of the like-minded Thievery Corporation. Joss has also remixed songs for Jody Watley - Looking For A New Love CD (2005); Yerba Buena - Sugar Daddy CD (2005)); Joe Bataan - Chick A Boom CD (2006); Woody Herman - Mambo Herd CD (2006); Praful - Sigh CD (2007); Bebo Valdes - Ita Morales CD (2008); and Frank Sinatra - This Town (unreleased)

No Play No Work Track List:
1. You Make Me Happy
2. Toxic People
3. Come On It’s Time To Get Up
4. Spectators
5. No Play No Work
6. He Got The Shakes
7. Get Clone
8. Blazing Ashes
9. Radium Girls
10. Morse Attack
11. Speed-O-Sound
12. Overstay

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