Thursday, January 31, 2019

New Music Releases: Roy Ayers – Silver Vibrations; Brian Ellis – Deep Clues; Scone Cash Players - Blast Furnace!

Roy Ayers – Silver Vibrations

BBE Music continues its long and fertile partnership with vibraphone legend and godfather of neo-soul, Roy Ayers, with the first ever reissue of his 1983 album Silver Vibrations. Originally released in the UK only on Uno Melodic Records, ‘Silver Vibrations’ shares some of its musical DNA with ‘Lots Of Love’, Ayers’ US album from the same year. However, ‘Silver Vibrations’ contains four unique cuts all of its own, plus extended takes of three songs, including the definitive version of iconic song ‘Chicago’. The rarity of the original pressing has led to eye-watering second-hand prices for this truly brilliant LP. ‘Silver Vibrations’ was perhaps the last album to retain the sound of Ayers’ organic ‘classic’ period of the latter ’70s and manages to stand up well under its current re-evaluation. “Chicago”, the unedited version of which is exclusive to this L.P., received considerable airplay in its time and has barely faded from earshot ever since; its woozy, mysterious vibe and cosmic ruminations from Roy in the second half have certainly endured. The strutting, funky “Good, Good Music” echoes Ayers at his pre-’80s, up- tempo disco peak, sporting a grittier edge and an old-school party atmosphere. Title track “Silver Vibrations” was only ever released in the U.K., both on this album and as a single, backed with “Fast Money”. Both “Lots Of Love” and “Keep On Movin'” hark back to previous times and are a pleasant listen without being at all taxing. “Smiling With Our Eyes” is mid- tempo, lilting and jazzy, with a vocal vaguely reminiscent of Stevie Wonder in places. The wistful “D.C. City”, a close companion of Ubiquity’s original recording of “The Third Eye” is, in many ways, quintessentially Roy Ayers. Pressed on heavyweight vinyl with original artwork and new sleeve notes written by Sean P., BBE Music is delighted to share this special album with a new generation of fans.

Brian Ellis – Deep Clues

A soulful solo set from Brian Ellis – a keyboardist we know from more jazz-based projects in recent years, but who really soars out here in a warmly sunny mode! Brian handles everything on the album himself – working like some LA maestro from the 70s in a multi-track studio – and while his keyboards are still at the core of the album, there's also lots of vocals – sung in a style that's soul-based, but also with this unusual sort of lightness – so that Brian's words glow nicely alongside his keys! A few of these cuts almost feel like lost 70s demos for the soulful side of the AOR scene – and titles include "Night Drive", "My Favorite Song", "Brand New Love", "Here I Am", "Bulletproof", "Deep Clues", and "Never Had Nothin". ~ Dusty Groove

Scone Cash Players - Blast Furnace!

Smoldering Hammond funk from Scone City Players – led by organ player Adam Scone and featuring members of The Dap-Kings, Menahan Street Band and an all-around Daptone Records and Dunham Sound Studio all star roster – bringing a combination a grit and soulful grooves! Scone is a native of Youngstown, Ohio and the album and song titles are references to steel town grit, struggle and resilience. The gritty soul of his timeless jazz funk instrumentals suits it! The Hammond drives the sound all the way, backed by veteran funk players whose skills are finely-honed to say the least, including Homer Steinweiss and Eric Kalb on drums, Thomas Brenneck on guitar, Kevin Bujo Jones on percussion, Ian Hendrickson-Smith on sax & flute and Freddie Hendrix & Marcus Parsley on trumpets. Includes "1% Crown", "Bliss Machine", "The Slitter", "Heavy Gauge", "Necking", "Blast Furnace", Jet Cool", "Grinding Wheel". Call & Receive No Call Back" and "Structural Failure". ~ Dusty Groove

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