Friday, October 20, 2017

Smooth Jazz Artist Delyn Releases EP Now Or Never‏

For musical artist, Delyn, the quote, "Stand for something or fall for anything," is more than just a quote passed down from generations past. It is reflective of who she is as an artist and as a person. From her inspiring lyrics and music to her charitable giving and acts of kindness, Delyn aspires to make a difference anyway that she can.

Born De Anna Lyn, Delyn grew up listening to a variety of musical artists spanning many genres, including Stevie Nicks, Journey and Prince. She says, "It is the duty of any musical artist to widen their musical spectrum by listening to artists outside of their preferred genre. Inspiration comes from many places."

A native from Baltimore, Maryland, Delyn began singing and writing songs in her early teens. In regards to her songwriting process, she says that a melody is usually how her songs are born. Next, she works out the chords on acoustic guitar and then collaborates with a producer. She also collaborates with other producers via topline writing. Delyn’s sound is smooth and soulful with an added measure of funk. Her low range lends itself to funk-inspired tunes, while her high range demonstrates a proclivity toward pop and jazz-inspired songs.

Although Delyn is known to write and record songs that have a jazzy, r&b vibe, she is known to color outside of the lines, musically speaking. For example, she has recorded background vocals for indie artists, Beyond Atlantic, a jazz/rock/pop band, as well as, Melba, a jazz/funk-inspired group.

Delyn has achieved the above collaborations, as well as numerous others, via the Internet. Many artists she has met via SoundCloud and similar websites. She is an avid fan of global music collaboration and through this process has had the opportunity to be involved with musical projects and exemplary musicians that she would have otherwise never been exposed.

In terms of inspirations, Delyn names Sade. She says of the artist, "I love the class and style that Sade brings to the music game. I also love her distinctive and timeless sound that only she possesses." Additionally, Delyn names Adele, Alicia Keys and Lauryn Hill as artists she adores.

Delyn’s first EP, Now or Never, via Symphonic Distribution. Written and produced by Delyn and German-born producer, Burnt Will, the EP is a brief collection of lyrically-inspiring tunes, fused with smooth jazz and funk overtones.

At the end of the day, Delyn strives to write songs that touch and inspire the souls of those who listen. Her aim in this world is to “do good and be good.” If music is one way that she can achieve this, all the better. Currently, Delyn is creating new music and seeking licensing opportunities.

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