Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Donny Hathaway Legacy Project Launches on Artist's 70th Birthday

Donny Hathaway, arguably one of the most important voices of the 20th century, would have been 70 years old on October 1. With some of the most culturally impactful music of the 1970's, Hathaway's songs, along with his story as a prolific singer, songwriter, pianist and composer still resonates in the hearts of people all over the world.

"Our father was a prolific musician admired by many for his creativity and musicianship," said Donnita Hathaway, daughter and chair of the DHLP board of directors. "It's an honor that people like Roberta Flack [honorary co-chair] and Lindsey Aaron [advisory board member] have said yes to helping us solidify his legacy with this effort."

The launch of The Donny Hathaway Legacy Project (DHLP) aims to celebrate his life and legacy with events planned in major cities around the world to celebrate his birthday and pay tribute to his legacy. Designed to honor the legacy of a visionary gone too soon, The Donny Hathaway Legacy Project will present special projects, notable honors and charitable programs to share the music that filled his life and support those artists who share his illness.

"We are honored to launch this effort for the Hathaway family," said Anasa Troutman, president of Eloveate. "The magnitude and body of work that Donny Hathaway produced still has a significant impact on music, even today. I was pleasantly surprised that Hungarian Pop Star Viktor Kiraly, just this week, sang Donny's version of "What's Going On" on The Voice."

Tribute concert events in Atlanta and New York City, as well as radio stations, around the world, are dedicating entire shows to his music today.  In addition to these events, The Donny Hathaway Legacy Project will organize on social media to celebrate with the hashtag #Donny70 encouraging friends and followers to post a picture, video or story to tell the world what Donny and his music means to them.

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