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It’s been twenty years since Peter Andre released his global hit, ‘Mysterious Girl’, and he’s now had three chart-topping singles, a further seven Top 10 hits, and Platinum, Gold and Silver certifications for seven of his albums to date, under his belt. He now returns with Come Fly With Me, the brand new studio album which was inspired in part by the 100th anniversary of Frank Sinatra’s birth and features Peter’s takes on on Rat Pack standards including the album title track ‘Come Fly With Me’, ‘Mac The Knife’ and ‘Ain’t That A Kick In The Head’. “All of these songs are great great classics,” says Peter. “The fact that we’re celebrating hundred years of Frank Sinatra makes the choice even better because you can start to pick some of the favourites that Franky was really well-known for. When you listen to these old classics, you realise what real music is.” ~ Amazon


Quentin Collins (QC) and Brandon Allen (BA), the hardest hitting trumpet/sax frontline in the business, present their new release, Beauty In Quiet Places, on the Ubuntu Music record label. The follow up to their highly acclaimed debut album What's It Gonna Be?, released in 2011, Beauty In Quiet Places consists of all original compositions, written by the pair, with styles ranging from the up-tempo swing of Modal Tranesition (Allen's homage to two of his biggest influences, John Coltrane and Joe Henderson) to the laid back pocket groove of the title track. The opening track, Fuerteventura, takes you on a samba-infused roller coaster ride whilst Oscar's Lullaby showcases the group's softer, more reflective side. Completing the lineup on Beauty In Quiet Places are QCBA's regular rhythm team of the masterful Ross Stanley on Hammond organ and the elegant musicianship of Enzo Zirilli on drums. Since their inception in 2008, QCBA have collaborated with a broad range of artists, including Omar, Paloma Faith, Liane Carroll, Hamish Stuart, Natalie Williams, Gwyneth Herbert, Dennis Rollins and Cleveland Watkiss. This has enabled them to develop the eclectic sound that is so evident in this recording, bringing together a melting pot of Jazz, Brazilian and Funk, always soulful and, crucially, always swinging! ~Amazon


When Colin Towns formed the Mask Orchestra in 1990, he brought together some of the most important new and established players on the jazz scene. The Mask Orchestra was seen not only as an exciting new band, it was ground breaking. Twenty-five years on, Colin Towns Mask Orchestra is back. The new double album Drama will be the group s seventh release and boasts a line-up featuring a veritable who's who of jazz's finest, alongside handpicked players of the new generation. As the title might suggest, the inspiration for Drama is theatre and drama, featuring new and also original music from Colin Towns's extensive work in the theatre, from classic plays including One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Equus and Macbeth, to contemporary work including Terry Johnson's Hysteria. Towns found working in the theatre a life changing experience and it was theatre sound designer John Leonard who introduced his work to the director Terry Hands, who became his great mentor. It was through Hands that he discovered the works of many playwrights, which in turn spawned many fruitful collaborations. This is the world that Drama explores and the world that Towns brought to the band. 'It was important they knew the synopsis of each play so they would understand where the compositions were coming from. Some of the pieces are from original productions, which started life in the theatre and now step into the spotlight. Others are revisits, musical reinterpretations or impressions of the plays.' Drama is at once a challenging and exhilarating journey, which follows not necessarily the tradition, but the spirit, of Jazz, but which crucially, celebrates all music. Towns had never shied away from taking risks and following his own path regardless of what others might think and Drama is no exception. 'My heart beats faster when I hear these special musicians come together and breathe life and fire into my music. When it looks impossible, seems crazy, challenges and surprises, then to me it feels that we re heading in the right direction.' Colin Towns Mask Orchestra line up 2015: Saxes: Tim Garland, Alan Skidmore, Peter King, Nigel Hitchcock, Julian Siegel, Simon Allen Trumpets: Graham Russell, Henry Lowther, George Hogg, Rory Simmons Trombones: Roger Williams, Barnaby Dickinson, Tom White, Harry Brown Piano: Andrew McCormack Drums: Ralph Salmins Guitar: Chris Montague Percussion: Stephan Maass (from Munich) Bass: Arnd Geise (from Hamburg) Keyboards: Colin Towns Special guest Japanese drummer and percussionist Joji Hirota. ~ Amazon

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