Monday, August 11, 2014


Here’s a 12" Remix EP of new material from the brilliant jazz saxophonist Sean Khan, featuring the father of British neo-soul Omar on vocals and remixes from 4hero and Nicola Conte. The tracks on this EP are remixes of material from Sean Khan's upcoming second studio album 'Muriel' coming soon on Far Out Recordings.

Not so long ago, here in West London, there was a movement which drew upon jazz, latin, jungle, hip hop, house music and sound system culture. The West London broken beat scene provided Sean Khan with a refreshing approach to jazz. His involvement in the movement as band leader of the cult soul/ jazz outfit SK Radicals, and in collaboration with the likes of the legendary Bugz in the Attic collective, have seen his unique breed of jazz remixed and put to full effect in London's clubs, at nights like the legendary bruk focused 'CoOp'.

This 12" single sees Sean's jazz compositions reworked once more, and who better to do it than stalwarts of West London Broken Beat, Jazz and all round UK dance music legends 4hero. Featuring father of British Neo Soul Omar on vocals, the 4hero remix of "Don't Let the Sun Go Down" is uplifting downtempo dancefloor jazz. A perfect mood setter, with just the kind of fluidity and groove you'd expect from a 4hero jazz remix.

The B side hosts Nicola Conte's remix of 'Things to Say'. Renowned for his input and influence in the lineage of acid jazz and fusion, as a producer, Dj and musician, Nicola Conte provides a deeper, darker take on Sean Khan's unique blend of jazz. A bouncy 4/4 house beat, whirring rhodes, the ghostly soulful vocals of Diana Martinez and samples of Sean Khan's expressive sax playing take the track to more introspective yet still clearly club focused territory. ~ Far Out Recordings

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