Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Releases: Frankie Valli - Selected Solo Works; Real Side Records Presents Soul On The Real Side #2; Michel Legrand - The Thomas Crown Affair


Frankie Valli – Selected Solo Works, which features all of his studio LPs with the exception of the Motown release Inside You (1975) and his most recent release, Romancing The Sixties (2007). Selected Workds consists of eight albums released by Valli under his own name between 1967 and 1980, and the are as follows: The 4 Seasons Present Frankie Valli Solo (1967); Timeless (1968); Closeup (1975); Our Day Will Come (1975); Valli (1976); Lady Put The Light Out (1977); Frankie Valli...Is The Word (1978); and Heaven Above Me (1980).


A sweet range of classic soul, mixed with a few contemporary cuts as well – all with a great sort of modern soul glow overall! Most numbers here are gentle groovers – in a midtempo or two step mode, although a few get a bit more upbeat – and although the tracks were chosen by the Real Side dancefloor team, they've also got a richness that we really appreciate – great vocals that draw from older traditions, and sometimes introduce deep soul modes to modern soul production! Titles include "Everytime It Rains" by Na Allen, "She Needs Love" by Oscar Perry, "Break Out The Tears" by Angel, "Looking For A Lover" by Patterson Twins, "I've Got Your Love" by Charlie Brown, "Dreams" by Lonne Givens, "Until It's Time For You To Go" by The New Birth, "Baby I'm Coming At You (2014 re-edit)" by Jesse Gomez, "Born To Break My Heart (Carolina rmx)" by Roy G Hemmings, and "Make It Last" by Barbara Mason & The Futures. ~ Dusty Groove


One of the greatest soundtracks of the 60s – and a crowning moment of international fame for French composer Michel Legrand! Legrand already had plenty of records under his belt by the time he scored this great film – a heist movie with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway – and he brings all that experience to bear in his music here – with sounds that run from jazzy groovers to bossa instrumentals to a few vocal numbers that are completely sublime, and which show his music works equally well in English as it does in French! Noel Harrison sings the landmark "Windmills Of Your Mind", and Legrand himself sings on the killer "His Eyes Her Eyes" – both of which get instrumental versions as well – and other instrumental tracks include "The Chess Game", "Playing The Field", "The Boston Wrangler", "Doubting Thomas", "The Crowning Touch", and "Room Service". Plus, this CD features loads of unheard bonus tracks – and includes not just the 13 track album, but also 19 more titles from the original film score! (Limited edition of 1000 copies.)  ~ Dusty Groove


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