Tuesday, March 27, 2012


A powerful new album from the UK’s favourite soul/funk/jazz band, with the addition of outstanding new male vocalist Mo Brandis and established UK jazz singer Natalie Williams, who join Maysa and Vanessa Haynes. A fresh sounding Incognito reflecting the energy of their live shows. Surreal is full of beautiful songs delivered over a bed of fluid bass lines and irresistible drum grooves - Incognito at their creative best, with the addition of two vocal newcomers - soulful 26-year-old Mo Brandis and an established favourite on the UK jazz scene Natalie Williams. Mo Brandis makes a big impact with the lead single, the hooky “Goodbye To Yesterday” and “ Don’t Wanna Know”, while Natalie is outstanding on the sultry “Above The Night”. And long-time band favourite Maysa kicks the album off with “The Less You Know”, under-pinned by a driving bass groove. The album has only one cover song, vocalled by Vanessa Haynes in Loleatta Holloway-esque style - a little-known 1976 disco tune “Ain’t It Time”. The Incognito faithful will be happy with the familiar trademark instrumentals, and another stunning Maysa performance on the mid-tempo “Capricorn Sun”. The band will be playing extensive live dates around the UK and Europe in support of the album, with a London date set for May 25.
1. The Less You Know 
2. Goodbye To Yesterday
3. Above The Night
4. Ain't It Time
5. Capricorn Sun
6. Don't Wanna Know
7. Restless As We Are
8. Rivers On The Sun
9. Don't Break Me Down
10. The Stars From Here
11. To Be With You
12. This Must Be Love
13. The Way You Love
14. Thoughtful Fantasies

Simply Soul

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