Friday, October 28, 2011


The Best Kept Secret is Avana’s third album. She debuted with It’z On in 2004, which she followed up with her sophomore album, Oopz Uh Oh… the same year. Christie said, “The difference between Avana and other artists is that she has a very unique voice – one that’s soulful, pleasing to listen to, and vocally refreshing. And she can do much more than just sing – she’s an entertainer as well. There’s a tremendous difference between the two.” Her most recent single entitled “Patron” is 3 minutes and 28 seconds of fresh, funky, bluesy dance music with attitude that is in a class by itself. The track is a fun mid-tempo dance track about one of America’s popular drinks and a girl’s night out, celebrating life, and drinking Patron. Avana takes you on a refreshingly innovative R&B, soul, and blues blended voyage that will have you out of work mode and ready to “get your Patron on” in no time, Her unique voice is perfectly suited to this style of music, which defies classification by one genre. Avana’s sassy and sophisticated vocal performance is well complemented by the music, which you won’t be able to resist if you like getting your groove on. In short, “Patron” takes you where you want to go and it keeps you there. It’s perfect for hitting the club, just chilling, or hanging with the ladies (and/or gents). “Patron” delivers both musically and lyrically as Avana proclaims in the chorus: “Give me my lime and my salt/Patron in my glass/Let’s get this party started/I came to dance/Play some blues/Turn it up/Desert blues/Turn it up.” So, turn it up with “Patron” and you won’t be disappointed.

Avana – Best Kept Secret
1. Patron
2. 69
3. Money Can't Buy U Everything
4. U Got What I Love
5. I Got'cho Back
6. Your Touch Your Love (Step Remix)
7. Clue
8. Bad Boy (feat. Luggnutt)
9. Texting My Baby
10. 69 . Lust Jazz
11. Parlay Info

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CLGR said...

You should check out this "best kept secret" album from Avana. It contains a great song "I cot'cho back" where she sounds exactly like Jackie Neal. And I miss Jackie she was a great R&B Diva, so good luck to Avana going along same track.


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