Thursday, May 23, 2024

Black Diamond - Carrying The Stick (single)

Chicago's Black Diamond are about to release 'Carrying The Stick', from their We Jazz Records debut ‘Furniture Of the Mind Rearranging’ (out 5th July).

Co-led by Artie Black and Hunter Diamond (composers, saxophones, and other woodwinds), Black Diamond appears in both quartet and duo formations. The first three album sides present the quartet, complete with long standing band members Matt Ulery (double bass) and Neil Hemphill (drums), under the heading Furniture Of the Mind. The remaining two tracks on side D fall under the title The Mind Rearranging, with Black and Diamond presenting a meditative duo encounter of two tenor saxophones.

‘Furniture Of the Mind Rearranging’ is an assemblage of new compositions and improvisations that develop the band's established sound and exemplify the way in which this band folds into the Chicago creative music community. The quartet traverses their familiar aesthetic ranges between driving off-kilter groove, plaintive minimalism, and intimate chamber music, with the ever-present spirit of small-group jazz and a hovering influence of Chicago’s improvised music culture. And while this collection represents three previous albums and more than a decade of close kinship and artistic evolution between co-leaders Black and Diamond, neither are too precious about any one element on the album. This is very simply the latest work in what continues to be an expanding body work founded on a guiding principle: cultivation without expectation.

Starting right from album opener ‘Carrying the Stick’, Black Diamond shares new music that's immediately engaging. Lean instrumentation with plenty of space, potent groove-based experimentalism and a sense of meditative introspection live effortlessly side by side in the band's work. This is music left of the timeline, topical through belonging on a much broader continuum rather than anything specifically "current" and short-lived. While marinated in the foundational concepts of creative music and Chicago's rich musical tradition, Black Diamond is not afraid to search new paths in their music.

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