Monday, May 25, 2020

New Music From My Luv Notes, Prostuda One / Graham Mushnik

My Luv Notes – You Don’t Own Me

My Luv Notes’ latest single is “You Don’t Own Me,” a sultry, soulful and hypnotic song that taps into the subtle dangers inherent in getting too emotionally entangled with the people you’re willing to help. It’s a warning to the person abusing his/her privilege to “Enjoy me when you have me/Cuz the meter’s runnin’ down”, in the second verse, and true to the spirituality that runs through much of the artist’s work, she addresses the deeper reality that the person’s true help and support will come from above. She sings in the bridge, “Hands together now/You’re gonna’ find your way/Look up high while I, while I walk away.” The track is the first official release from My Luv Notes’ upcoming full-length album, also titled You Don’t Own Me. The album will be the follow-up to the well-received 2019 release Day Late

Prostuda One - Gone

The new downtempo artist collective known as Prostuda One has unveiled the brand-new full-length effort that provides listeners with some of the best chill, downtempo jams to come around in ages. An extremely hard-working collaborative, Prostuda One proves their phenomenal artistry on this prolific 14 track debut that is sure to blow more than a few minds. Prostuda One may in fact be the new kings and queens of the downtempo scene. Many in-the-know DJs who have heard advance copies of the disc heartily agree. Presented here is the first EP from the collective, "Gone," which includes bonus instrumental and acappella mixes

Graham Mushnik - Peeping Through The Porthole

Loads of sweet little instrumentals from Graham Mushnik – most of which feature his own organ in the lead, tippling nicely over rhythms that run from bossa, to jazz funk, to soundtrack-styled modes – often peppered with nice touches on sax and flute! The record's maybe a nice throwback to that great generation of new keyboard creations from 20 years back – the world of Money Mark and others – and Mushnik works here on one side as a solo artist, with just a few guests – and on another with his group Martini – although the whole thing is pretty unified overall. Titles include "The Lost Gallion", "Interlude", "Flow Up Flow Down", "Swordfish Bossa", "Last Cup Apocalypse", "Marvin's Club", and "Shinkansen Lullaby". ~ Dusty Groove

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