Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New single by UK funk locomotive Cantaloop (feat. The Haggis Horns)

Cantaloop deliver an infectious blend of funk-hip-hop-soul with floor-filling swagger that ignites and unifies crowds. Based in Worcester in the UK, this band has always been able to adapt to the ever changing music industry volcano, yet still retain its truly distinctive sound. Whatever guise their music takes, you can still smell that funk! It’s part of their DNA and with it they’ve continued to deliver the jaw dropping live shows that have characterized them since they began.

The world doesn’t stop spinning and Cantaloop work on a similar principle. Their non stop tour, gig, tour, record, gig, tour mentality is a source of strength and without it they may well have imploded like many before them. Debut album “Groove Operator” was released in 2001 and entirely self-produced. They followed-up with “Live” in 2003, and third album “I.C.H.I.L.E.” in 2008, with a slew of singles and EPs in-between. In the meantime the band completed a tour of 25 dates in Switzerland and Europe in 2005, a tour of 10 dates in Ireland with The Fun Lovin’ Criminals in 2007, as well as performing an unstoppable amount of shows in the UK. They have supported acts such as De La Soul, Trevor Nelson, Roy Ayers, Dewele and The Blockheads.

The group is fronted by the hip-hop/funk attack of Dannie Dee Sanderson on vocals and bass, Justin Metti on guitar, and James Randle on drums, fleshed out with additional players on sax, trumpet, Fender rhodes as well as special guests. 2018 sees Cantaloop establish new alliances and release brand new music that lives up to the band’s mission since day one: to produce pure, vibrant funk/ pop/ and ‘bling-free’ hip-hop tinged with soul!

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