Friday, August 25, 2017

INCOGNITO: THE BEST (2004-2017) Includes 5 Brand New Songs

Incognito is firmly established in the music scene. There is no band beside Incognito with their over 35 years of music career that influenced the Acid Jazz that intensive. Since their foundation in 1980 by mastermind Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick it’s impossible to imagine a music world without the British Jazz/Funk/Soul band.

During the career Incognito has had hit singles all along the way. The band performed at all major festivals from Montreux via Monterey to North Sea Jazz and back. Bluey has over the years also worked as a producer for other artists including George Benson, Philip Bailey, Maxi Priest and Brenda Russell amongst others.

This new Best of Collection concentrates on the band’s very successful years 2004 - 2017. It was by far no easy task to decide on the best songs out of their impressive studio album portfolio of that time.

The result are 12 incredibly groovy tunes which reflect the band’s tremendous energy, combined with five brand new & exclusive songs: two amazingly funky vocal tunes – “Until The 12th of Never” and “Craziest High” – as well as three beautiful and energetic instrumental songs – “Jam On The Tyne”, “Pyramids On Mars” and “Village Life” - which mirror once more the high quality standard of Incognito’s incredible musical arrangements.

1. Until The 12th Of Never (brand new song)
2. Just Say Nothing (feat. Vanessa Haynes) (taken from “In Search Of Better Days”)
3. Goodbye To Yesterday (feat. Mo Brandis) (taken from “Surreal”)
4. Craziest High (brand new song)
5. I Couldn't Love You More (feat. Vanessa Haynes) (taken from “Amplified Soul”)
6. Jam On The Tyne (brand new song)
7. Hats (Make Me Wanna Holler) feat. Tony Momrelle (taken from “Amplified Soul”)
8. Don’t Turn My Love Away (taken from “Adventures In Black Sunshine”)
9. Lowdown (feat. Mario Biondi & Chaka Khan) (taken from “Transatlantic R.P.M”)
10. It's Just One Of Those Things (taken from “Eleven”)
11. Pyramids On Mars (brand new song)
12. Step Aside (taken from “Tales From The Beach”)
13. Love Born in Flames (feat. Imaani & Stuart Zender) (taken from “In Search Of Better Days”)
14. Village Life (brand new song)
15. Always There (taken from “Live In London – 35th Anniversary Show)
16. Still A Friend Of Mine (feat. Imaani) (taken from “Live In London – 35th Anniversary Show)
17. Givin' It Up (taken from “Live In London – 35th Anniversary Show)

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