Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Singer Songwriter Stephen Parker Releases New Pop Jazz Album on iTunes - One Step Closer to the Blue

Veteran musician Stephen Parker has just released his latest pop-jazz album “One Step Closer to the Blue".   The album is the brand new aural sojourn by Parker that presents a profound musical tapestry of emotional and spiritual wandering and fulfillment. A travelogue which takes the listener from the French countryside to the dusty plains of Wyoming, from a twilight tango in California to the mountains of western North Carolina, and to the idyllic fishing village of Alyki on the Greek island of Paros!

The album has created quite the buzz since its release earlier this Summer. News of the release has been picked up by popular websites such as BlogHer, TrendingToday and (which powers many email browsers like AOL and Yahoo!).  He was also featured as a part of the Community News in The Chicago Tribune and on the  RetroMix 107.9 website as well.

The album was also picked up by The Deuce Radio Show in the UK which is broadcast on over 40 radio stations worldwide. They have put Stephen’s song “Carry The One (Love)” in regular rotation on numerous shows.

Without a doubt, Stephen Parker recorded something quite magical at Spectra Sound Recording Studio, in Nazareth, PA with veteran engineer/producer Jim McGee. Stephen beckons listeners to open their hearts and bring their ears on a journey. Fans can purchase “One Step Closer to the Blue” on iTunes and CD Baby as well as on his engaging new website

Stephen’s original material and capacity for exquisite story-telling lyrics began to surface and take shape, culminating in the release of his first solo album, "Cheyenne Autumn" in 1979. Following his debut LP, Stephen released a string of 6 CD releases starting with “The Gathering Storm” in 1990 which featured the rocking single "High Horse".

Stephen moved more towards an acoustic music focus in 1999. This acoustic band phase eventually culminated in the release of "Joined in Progress" in 2003 which featured an amazing live concert at the newly opened Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, PA. After this acoustic phase, Stephen moved into yet another new type of format leading to the creation and release of his delightful 2008 jazz/pop album, "What Goes Around."   After recording the exquisite last track "Tabula Rasa" with the Eric Mintel Jazz Quartet, the door was left open to reconvene at some point and explore recording more material with his changing and evolving sound. The result of that reunion is the magnificent new release “One Step Closer to the Blue”

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