Tuesday, February 03, 2015

FREE NELSON MANDOOMJAZZ Presents New Full-Length Album Awakening Of A Capital

Hot on the heels of their debut Double EP The Shape Of DoomJazz To Come / Saxophone Giganticus Scottish doom-jazz trio Free Nelson MandoomJazz are back with their first full-length album, Awakening Of A Capital. 

In the time that has passed since the release of their first double EP on RareNoiseRecords, Free Nelson MandoomJazz have gone from strength to strength, touring across central Europe during the summer and capping it off by performing at the Match & Fuse London Festival and they also received a personal invitation from Dr. Bert Noglik, the artistic director of Jazz Fest Berlin to play at the festival.

The album title is homage to Luigi Russolo's 1913 seminal recording "Veglio Di Una Città" (from "Die Kunst Der Geräusche") and further develops the musical crossroads of Free Jazz and Doom / Sludge Rock which is so uniquely characterized in their debut recording. 

Awakening Of A Capital was recorded in Glasgow, mixed in Italy by sound sculptor Eraldo Bernocchi, and mastered in the US by Mike Fossenkemper. It finds  saxophonist  Rebecca Sneddon, bassist Colin Stewart  and drummer Paul Archibald pursuing a progressive alliance - the saxophone sounds of Peter Brötzmann and "Interstellar" skronk with massive rhythmic distortions, all referenced against '80's stoner-doom, rock-metal and drone noise. The opening track, "Sun Ra," is a tongue-in-cheekacknowledgement of this marriage." 

1. Sunn Ra)))
2. The Stars Unseen
3. The Land Of Heat And Greed
4. Poking The Bear
5. The Pillars Of Dragon
6. Erich Zann
7. Slay The Light
8. Beneath The Sea

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