Thursday, February 13, 2014


Brazilian born cellist/vocalist Dom La Nena's diverse musical background comes in part from having roots in Brazil, Argentina and France. Her self-produced Golondrina EP, released last fall, featured an eclectic collection of cover songs from The National, Lhasa de Sela and Stephan Eicher, giving listeners a glimpse into the range of her musical influences.

Now, in the wake of Golondrina and her acclaimed debut album Ela, on February 11th Six Degrees Records will release a collection of remixes titled Ela por Eles ("Ela by them"), featuring 7 tracks from Ela remixed by Kassin, Arturo en el Barco, Jeremy Sole, Joey Altruda, Mario Caldato and more. 

Her latest project turned out to be a challenge in terms of letting go of artistic control and handing the reins to someone else. Dom says of the experience,  "The idea of having my songs remixed by other producers/musicians, playing them in their way, turned out to be quite an interesting excercise... to not have any control over the arrangements, to allow the songs to ‘live and grow' without me, this was something so unfamiliar to what I am accustomed to, it made me want to try it."

Inspired by Dom La Nena's creative curiosity, Ela por Eles is an exercise in seeing what would happen if her songs were remixed and approached from other artists' perspectives. The opening track, "Menina Dos Olhos Azuis" as remixed by Piers Faccini (who co-produced Dom's debut album Ela) is a perfect reflection of his own work as a singer songwriter who draws inspiration from West African and Mediterranean music. 

The EP also features remixes by fellow Brazilians Mario Caldato and Kassin. Kassin, who is best known for his groundbreaking trio, Kassin +2, re-imagines a darker, more electronic vision of "Ela", while producer and engineer Mario Caldato (known for his work engineering the Beastie Boys classic Pauls Boutique album, and co-producing Check Your Head, Ill Communication and Hello Nasty) brings a dreamy, rhythmic, pop sensibility to "No Meu Pais".

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