Thursday, February 20, 2014


Chic feat. Nile Rogers, Giorgio Moroder, Tensnake, Oliver, and Destructo. Woah. The biggest names in Disco from the past two decades all in one sentence, all on one bill, this coming May, as presented by HARD. With their Dischoteque stage in recent years, HARD has given the nod to the timeless genre on multiple occasions, but this time they give it the spotlight for what is sure to be a transcendent timeline of Disco’s existence in the modern dance music industry. 

On one hand you have the men who have virtually given birth to the movement, men who have worked with the legends your parents used to get down to. Then on the other, the producers who have/are keeping the genre alive in it’s current state. You have the chance to hear history unfold, a chance to understand an idea that has managed to keep it’s footing all this time.
The Hollywood Bowl lays host to this historic evening as it’s open air nature gives the perfect stage presence for a sound that cannot be contained. 

Opening sets by Tensnake, Oliver, and Destructo will warm you up to the modern interpretation of the movement as the evening builds into the main event. Giorgio and Nile Rogers’ catalogues alone could consume the evening in itself as they set out to encapsulate the historic genre with live music and recanting of their historic catalogues. With tickets on sale this Friday, 2/21, best believe you’ll find us front and center gettin’ our sexy on under the LA sky. For now, take a peep at some of the performers prior work that is sure to tide you over in the meantime.

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