Thursday, August 18, 2011


Smooth Jazz will soon be returning to Orlando, Florida. The two translators that Central Florida Educational Foundation had leased to Cox to simulcast 580 WDBO have been returned to their owner as Cox moves its programming to 96.5. There are also applications on file to complete their moves from Winter Park, FL to Orlando itself. 102.5 W273CA (formerly W274AX) will now be leased to Clear Channel, who will use it to rebroadcast 107.7 WMGF-HD2. The station will pick up the Smooth Jazz format recently dropped by 103.1 WLOQ after its sale. was registered by Clear Channel yesterday is and is currently in a partially active state. Programming will come from Broadcast Architecture’s Smooth Jazz Network. Much like its earlier launch of The Oasis in Detroit, Smooth Jazz can now be heard on FM transmitter 102.5, which is owned by Clear Channel, with a simulcast on 107.7 WMGF hd-2

"We are thrilled to be in a position to bring Smooth Jazz from Broadcast Architecture back to Central Floruda," Clear Channel Pres./Market Manager Linda Byrd said. "Today it’s very easy to deliver a format to its listeners via HD, FM, online and mobile. And that’s exactly what we are doing."

"We’re delighted to be able to provide local Jazz music fans with such a well-produced product that is clearly at the top of its game," added Clear Channel/Orlando Program Director Ken Payne.

"We are grateful for the opportunity to assist Clear Channel/Orlando in bringing Smooth Jazz music back for the over 200,000 listeners disenfranchised by the recent switch of WLOQ," Broadcast Architecture Owner/Pres. Allen Kepler said. "This marks our third return of the format this year! Recent convert Smooth Jazz 104.7, The Oasis in DETROIT is already reaching over 130,000 listeners and KBDB-A/Reno debuted with a 1.0 share, which truly shows the format’s potential on an AM signal."


Anonymous said...

Nice for some people you are back in town, how ever we in Lake Mary can't get you in our cars or our house. I sure hope you fix the problem because we miss you!!!!
We get mixed stations now that we can't fix and I hope you listen to our appeal and repair the problem. Thank you in advance.

Diane P.

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled to learn that Orlando will have a Jazz station once again!

Anonymous said...

Thank You So Much, Clear Channel, for picking up WLOQ after Gross had to sell it.
I understand it was for health reasons.
It left a BIG space where smooth jazz use to be.
Now It's Back!!
Unfortunately, it's not complete yet.
There are no local dj's, no local programing, and no RDS. It's basically just simulcasting a web site right now.
I truly hope that Clear Channel has plans to bring back the old WLOQ...the way it use to be!!
I particularly want my Sunday programing back, starting with "Landscapes" on Sunday morning, then "Latin Jazz" and "Sounds of Brazil" Sunday night!
I miss them so much.
Please Clear Channel, let us know your plans. Please bring back our WLOQ!!
Again...Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I was beginning to wonder...what in the world am I going to listen to.
Very pleased to hear you're back in town!
I remember the ole days when we had jazz in the Peabody rooftop.

Anonymous said...

Please fix the transmition problem asap becsuse evem in Orlando SE and SW we can'tget good signal, and we miss this statio a loooootttttt. THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

The original Jazz Station we used to listen to (WLOQ) 103.1 was "the bomb" - the replacement 102.5 was ok but still miss the original. I can't believe they are both gone. I know there is a WANT and NEED for a jazz station in is truly sad.

Anonymous said...

just moved back to town and haven't been able to find any jazz on my radio...? did this ever materialize?


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