Thursday, June 28, 2007


Since the late 80s Graham Haynes has long been known as an artist unrestrained by boundaries and styles, first experimenting with improvisation in the Five Elements and later co-creating influential group M-Base Collective with alto saxophonist Steve Coleman and world-class vocalist Cassandra Wilson. Studying music with masters from Africa, South Asia, and Europe, the son of celebrated jazz drummer Roy Haynes draws from a rich background of music adapted from his father's associations with Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Thelonious Monk. Today, Graham still aspires to deconstruct jazz and twist it into a modern vehicle for musical expression.

His first album in almost seven years, Full Circle re-establishes the forward thinking Graham Haynes as a master, sculpting music to fit his artistic vision. From the rings of Haynes' cornet on the opening track "Turandot Overture and excerpt from Act III," you'll be invited to his kinetic soundscape. Haynes delivers a lush, jazzy lullaby in the form of "Circle One," where LaTanya Hall's poignant vocals, perfectly complement the soothing horns and jagged drums. Retaining the uncanny ability to meld tempos and genres while threading together a fully realized collection, he moves from powerful breakbeats in "1st Quadrant" to the calm, cushioned "Quarter Circle" with gorgeous harpsichord drips. Therein lies the formula for the entire album: a pushing and pulling at the boundaries of music while remaining balanced enough to keep listeners on their toes, hungry for more.

Graham Haynes will give a special live performance for his Full Circle record release party at Nublu, NYC Saturday 6/30.

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