Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Jamaica’s Luciano, the foremost singer of roots reggae to have emerged during the past twenty years, celebrates the release of My Soul,  a brand-new inspirational single, with a coast to coast U.S. tour which runs through June and into July. My Soul, released on Shanachie Entertainment June 5th, is an inspirational ballad which adds another flavor to Luciano’s already diverse palette, including a rock-style guitar solo. Produced by C & I Productions, the team who produced Luciano’s 2005 album JAH WORDS, My Soul is a conscious attempt to deliver his message in a musical setting that will be accessible to a wide variety of listeners, not just reggae fans.

"Over the years I have listened to other international icons like Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Jim Reeves," relates Luciano.  By listening to all these great brothers, I have learned to appreciate other works and see that there are no barriers in music. Although I am well known as a cultural reggae singer, I have an International message and so I cannot deliver it just to reggae fans. I have to extend it to people from all walks of life"

My Soul showcases the evocative timbre and extraordinary power of Luciano’s singing, showing that his talent and ability to touch people’s hearts transcends genre.  With the ongoing controversy over the lack of substance and often negative lyrical content on recordings coming out of Jamaica today, Luciano’s consistent presence as both a touring and recording artist gives badly-needed substance to music fans hungry for uplifting music.

As great as his recordings are, Luciano truly reaches higher heights when performing live, which has enabled him to be one of the most active touring reggae artists in the world today. With the release of My Soul, Luciano demonstrates his continued commitment to artistic growth and musical quality!

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