Thursday, September 10, 2020

New Music Releases: Bebel Gilberto, Olympic Runners, Champian Fulton

Bebel Gilberto - Agora

It's been awhile since we've last heard from Bebel Gilberto – and honestly, that time has made all the difference – as this album's a corker, and may well be her greatest record to date! We've always liked Bebel, but maybe have never loved her – maybe always had a softer spot for Astrud, and her ability to sing with a heartbreaking sensibility that Bebel never had. Yet here, the younger Gilberto really seems to have found her voice – maybe matured past the easier moments of her youth, or just found the right set of songs and producer (Thomas Bartlett, thank you) – which makes the whole thing come off beautifully, maybe announcing a rich second chapter in the singer's career. Titles include "Bolero", "Deixa", "Raio", "Yet Another Love Song", "Teletransportador", "Cliche", "Agora", and "Tao Bom". ~ Dusty Groove

Olympic Runners - Don't Let Up (Japanese paper sleeve edition)

One of the best-remembered albums from the Olympic Runners – not the shorts-clad ladies on the front cover, but a UK funk combo with a mighty sharp edge! These guys are best when they're really laying into the groove – hitting hard with the bass, following with the drums, and peppering the whole thing with plenty of riffing guitar – which is the approach they use on most of the set, often in a more instrumental-forward level that's had the album sampled heavily over the years! Vocals are good too, but they're usually second to the grooves – kind of a call to action, produced with a nice compressed vibe that squishes them nicely into the rhythms. Tasty funk cuts include "Party Time Is Here To Stay", "In The Can", "Out Of the Ground", "Paca Paco Wa Wa", and "The Kool Gent". ~ Dusty Groove

Champian Fulton - Birdsong

Champian Fulton's an artist of many talents – both a great singer and a strong pianist too – at a level that's way more than just a vocalist shading in her lyrics with piano – as part of this set is instrumental, and really showcases Fulton's strong touch on the keys! The set features a nice mix of standards and bop classics – including three Charlie Parker numbers – and the group features Hide Tanaka on bass and Fukutushi Tainaka on drums – with guest work from tenorist Scott Hamilton on two tracks, and trumpeter Stephen Fulton on four others. Titles include "Bluebird", "Just Friends", "Quasimodo", "Star Eyes", "This Is Always", "Dearly Beloved", "Yardbird Suite", and "If I Should Lose You". ~ Dusty Groove

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