Wednesday, November 14, 2018

"RIPTIDE" (EP) by Rising Star Jazz Vocalist Lauren Henderson

Lauren Henderson - RiptideVocalist, composer, and arranger Lauren Henderson is having an exceptionally busy year. Besides a full touring schedule, which includes performances in several European countries, she’s releasing two CDs in 2018. Ármame, was released in March and received stellar reviews for both her vocal performance and her original compositions. Riptide, her second recording project of the year, is an EP comprising six of her original tunes that explore a complex and tumultuous relationship.  

She engaged some up-and-coming jazz stars from both New York and Miami to appear on this project. Riptide is Henderson’s fourth CD. Each of her projects stands as a chronicle of her growth as an artist. Her music is strongly inflected with jazz, Latin, soul, and fusion elements, and also reflects her multicultural background. Henderson’s voice is sultry and soulful. Whether she’s singing in English or Spanish, she has a sure sense of swing that doesn’t rely on melisma or pyrotechnics. Her music aims for your heart rather than your head. Lauren Henderson is a rising jazz star. She’s talented, smart, and driven to make interesting, multicultural, multi-textural music. She’s been growing her audiences in jazz clubs and up and down the East Coast and around Europe, and she’ll soon be breaking into the African music market with a tour in South Africa scheduled for early 2019.

CHRIS PATTISHALL   piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, synthesizer, Mellotron
ERIC ENGLAND  double bass, electric bass
JOE SAYLOR  drums, percussion

Music & Lyrics by Lauren Henderson

1. ÁMAME  3:21
2. RIPTIDE  3:01
3. SEPARATE  4:38
4. BAJITO  5:27
5. ENNUI  6:52

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