Friday, September 02, 2016

New album from RESOLUTION 88 - AFTERGLOW

You can hear it right from the first notes of the opening track. It’s instantly clear that Resolution 88 have really made these last two years count, since making waves with their début album. There’s the same energy, freshness and warm, analog soundscape of the first album but now there’s even more power and maturity to their music.

Afterglow will have existing Resolution 88 fans grinning from ear to ear, whilst it will appeal to many new music lovers too. There’s the same gritty jazz funk sound, elements of broken beat and hip hop and the whole record is drenched in the unmistakable sound of Tom O’Grady’s suitcase Rhodes. Comparisons have been made with Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters, Weather Report, Jeff Lorber Fusion and many other bands. It’s easy to hear why, and there’s more - Resolution 88’s music has a fresh quality that hails their new perspective as well as paying their dues. There’s definitely a crossover with groundbreaking modern bands such as Haitus Kaiyote.

Each band member gets their moments to shine in this album, which features the band leader and composer Tom O’Grady on keys, Tiago Coimbra on bass, Alex Hitchcock on reeds (saxophones and bass clarinet) and Ric Elsworth on drums and percussion. That’s not all; the music was captured, mixed and mastered by exactly the same team as usual. Chris Taylor and Andy Ramsay engineered the recording sessions, Dan ‘JD73’ Goldman (ex-Morcheeba) mixed the music and Bob Power (The Roots, D’Angelo, Erykah Badu etc) mastered the music. Their inimitable skills and characteristic sounds imprints a cinematic quality on the whole record - this album is a beautiful experience to savor, from start to finish.

“An album that is beautifully crafted and captivating listening throughout!” - Bluey (Incognito).

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