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A brilliant musical project from the Moserobie jazz underground of Sweden – one that brings together four completely wonderful players, but in ways that are very different than most of their work in other settings! The sound here is very open and spacious – not in a mellow way, or an ECM mode – but instead this really introspective approach to the properties of the musicians' individual instruments – almost as if they're using this project as a way to thoughtfully explore things from different sonic angles, sometimes with a surprisingly sensitive vibe. Yet there's also some nice currents of darkness in the music – things are definitely never too sweet – and surprises include some piano from both Jonas Kullhammar and Torbjorn Zetterberg – alongside Zetterberg's more familiar bass (both electric and acoustic), and Kullhamar's music on tenor, flute, baritone, and oboe. Guitarist Reine Fiske also plays piano on one track – and guitar on the others – and the group also features drums from Johan Holmegard. Titles include "Gardagens Visa", "Vesaaltonen", "Paroni", "Mellantillstand", "Notskals Musik 1", and "Keijsaren".  ~ Dusty Groove


Tardik’s well-received new offering is comprised of all original material inspired by the pivotal moments in his life, songs that he wrote and produced with accomplished collaborators Steve Oliver, Nate Harasim and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. Noted saxmen Will Donato and Walle Larsson are each featured on a pair of tracks. While the first single from “Moments” - the relentless Latin-singed fiesta starter “Sip and Salsa” - continues to garner airplay, a second single will be selected and serviced to radio stations after the New Year. Reviewers have embraced the “Moments’” songs, versatility and the highly-skilled work on display as well.   


Really great work from Rolf Kuhn – the German reedman who began making modern music during that nation's postwar scene – and who's continued to remain on the forefront of innovation as the decades have moved on! This set is a great illustration of Kuhn's commitment to new sounds and fresh ideas – a quartet date with a group of younger players who open up in all these amazing textures and rhythms alongside Rolf's clarinet – a compelling group with guitar, bass and drums – all used with as much sense of freedom as the clarinet! While other players of Kuhn's vintage might be content to lay back and return to tradition, Rolf turns out a record that stands next to his most inspired classics of the 60s and 70s – on titles that include "District 7", "Black Jasmine", "A Little Circus", "Shogun", "Open Windows", "Goodbye", and "Husky".  ~ Dusty Groove

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