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An incredible collection of work from the vastly-overlooked Geater Davis – and a set that definitely lives up to its title! Geater Davis is a tremendous singer from the south – but one who barely ever got his due back in the 70s – even though these recordings for the tiny House Of Orange label are every bit as amazing as work coming out for bigger labels like Stax or Hi Records! Although Davis didn't record nearly as much as his contemporaries, he's got a sound that matches or beats them – a raw, raspy quality that's a bit like Bobby Blue Bland, touched with the depth of feeling we love in James Carr, peppered with elements of other Memphis singers – all produced to perfection with a sound that's got a deep-burning soul that never lets up. This excellent collection features all tracks from Geater's rare album Sweet Woman's Love, plus additional singles from the time – all produced by Allen Orange, an overlooked genius in the southern studio scene of the 70s. Titles include "Don't Marry A Fool", "Cry Cry Cry", "I Love You", "I Know My Baby Loves Me", "I Can Hold My Own", "Cold Love (long version)", "I'll Get By", "I'll Play The Blues For You", "Breath Taking Girl", and a killer long take on "For Your Precious Love". (Limited edition.) ~ Dusty Groove


A brilliant set from tenorist David Schnitter – maybe the best we've heard from him in years – and that's saying a lot, given the strength of his work! The album's got that special spark and crackle we love in the Live At Smalls series – a magic way of really letting the leader open up and fly, but also giving him plenty of great group support too – in this case a rock-solid rhythm section of Spile Wilner on piano, Ugonna Okegwo on bass, and Anthony Pinciotti on drums – able to soar when Schnitter wants to, and hang back with darker notes on some of the more contemplative numbers. Many numbers are great originals from David – including "Squeamish", "Drone Tone", "Freeway", and "Portrait" – and Marti Mabin provides some great guest vocals on versions of "Soul Eyes" and "Peace". ~ Dusty Groove

GRANT STEWART - LIVE AT SMALLS   A great tenorist, heard here in a wonderfully rich setting – a set of long, open tracks that really let Grant Stewart solo strongly – all with the special sort of energy that seems to take place in these Smalls Live recordings! Most numbers push up towards the 10 minute mark, leaving lots of room for Grant's deep, soulful lines on tenor – served up with perfectly matched rhythmic support from the trio of Tardo Hammer on piano, David Wong on bass, and Phil Stewart on drums. As on other label releases, the presentation is wonderful – very basic, in ways that really let the magic of the performance come through brilliantly – a quality that's made Smalls Live one of our favorite jazz labels of the 21st Century. Titles include "Reflections", "Make Someone Happy", "Mr Lucky", "Get Out Of Town", "Somewhere In The Night", and "Meaning Of The Blues". ~ Dusty Groove

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