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As Mark Lockheart explains: ‘The Day I Had Everything is about many musical things, often styles and influences that have come from our many diverse musical experiences working and developing in London’s vibrant jazz scene. The melting pot of London’s multi-faceted music scene is reflected in the compositions, to me this is London jazz music, distinct and different from the American sound”. Their first collaboration was back in 2009, when the three musicians recorded and toured with Mark  Lockheart’s acclaimed album ‘In Deep’, a record that not only bought these three musicians together as part of a quintet but initiated a long term collaboration between Edition and Jasper Høiby’s Phronesis. Since then, each of them has developed so great a mutual respect and friendship that to form a trio seemed the most logical and natural next step. ‘The Day I Had Everything’ magnifies what is beautiful about great jazz. The subtleties and sophisticated group interaction offers countless rewards. The original material by all three members has many diverse influences including bluegrass, tango, a 1930’s jungle feel and even references to English classical music. Jasper describes the music as “simple, weird, complicated, free, tight, beautiful, ugly and heartfelt depending on your mood”. ’The Day I Had Everything’ is a reference to the sheer excitement one has as a child getting up in the morning and not being able to decide what to do first – everything seems so shiny and new . The coming together of Malija was like this – the three of us bringing in our compositions and developing them into something tangible, then the sheer fun of exploring the music in the recording studio


Groove Travels is the highly anticipated new album from British trumpeter, arranger and composer Gerard Presencer, featuring the Danish Radio Big Band. Groove Travels is set to be a defining album both for Gerard and for new Big Band conceptions. This new release is without doubt his most ambitious and well-executed solo recording to date and will happily stand alongside the leading voices in contemporary big band music. The idea for this album first took root when Gerard moved to Copenhagen to take a trumpet seat in the band. As Gerard explains: ‘It’s taken five or six years for me to get this album together which is great for a project like this, because I got to know everybody, we play together all the time, so the tunes that I’ve chosen are specifically chosen for the musicians that are playing them’. Over the past 25 years Gerard Presencer has carved out a formidable reputation as one of the most respected trumpeters on the European scene. He exploded onto the international scene, aged 18, when US3 asked him to play the solo part on Blue Note’s Cantaloupe Island (re-imagined as Cantaloup Flip-Fantasia), that became one of the biggest selling jazz records of the 1990s. Since then, he has performed with a who’s who of international jazz artists, and has developed a career as an educator, arranger and composer. Gerard has also been an essential member of Charlie Watts’ various jazz groups over the last 25 years, touring the world and releasing several albums in various groups with the jazz-loving Stone! Gerard continues to push himself and his instrument, moving outside his comfort zone in order to develop as a player and writer.


‘Dream Keeper’ is a high-class and innovative set of originals that marks the first major international release from Portuguese guitarist and composer Andre Fernandes. Since 2002 Lisbon-born Fernandes has generated a wave of glowing reviews for appearances with some of the finest international musicians. As a beacon of inspirational energy and determined spirit in his native Portugal, Fernandes has been described by Portuguese music critic, Rui Eduardo Paes, as ‘one of the most important Portuguese jazz musicians today, with credits that largely surpass the field of jazz and a continuous ability to surprise us’. ‘Dream Keeper’ is a career defining album that draws together Andre’s strengths as composer, player and bandleader, with the help of a stellar cast of musicians, into one coherent and well-executed album. ‘Dream Keeper’ confirms Andre’s promise and offers him an opportunity to approach a global audience and ignite a glowing international career. Born in Lisbon in 1976, Andre Fernandes is a natural leader with an entrepreneurial spirit. In 2002, he formed T.O.A.P. (Tone of A Pitch), his own imprint, as a way to take control of his own destiny and as a vehicle for his talented cohorts. Driven by the desire to collaborate and an empathy and respect for his band mates, Andre has plenty to give. Compositionally, the music is bold with a determined spirit drawing on a wide array of influences and colors. As a player, Andre has a commanding sound with inventive use of pedals, tones and color. As a bandleader, he leaves space for others to shine and is able to bring the best performances from his musicians. There’s obvious mutual respect and friendship on offer and the music is the better for it. If ‘Dream Keeper’ is a sign of what is to come for this young, incredibly talented guitarist, then the next few years look very exciting.


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