Friday, September 16, 2016



Brilliant work from bassist Ross McHenry, a musician who's chosen to surround himself with some top-shelf talent here – including Mark De Clive-Lowe on keyboards, Marcus Strickland on reeds, and Duane Eubanks on trumpet and flugelhorn! These all-star players are a real tribute to the musical vision that Ross has for the set – kind of an expanded suite of tracks that works together beautifully in these cascading rhythmic flows and bursts of color – not just sounds from the stars, but also contributions from Dylan Marshall on guitar, Tivon Pennicott on tenor and flute, and Corey King on trombone – plus beautifully snapping drums from Myele Manzanza, a musician who seems especially well-suited to the electric interplay between McHenry and Clive-Lowe. Titles include "Circles In A Circle", "3 Month Vortex", "Opening/Despair", "Stateless", "Clean Break", and "Child Of Somebody". (Includes download!)  ~ Dusty Groove


Pretty blistering sounds from Peter Brotzmann's Risc trio – a group that really recalls some of the mindblowing intensity he brought to the free jazz scene in his youth! The lineup features electric bass from Marino Pliakas, which really creates a lot of power at the bottom – a rumbling quality that shakes the rafters in ways that an acoustic bass couldn't achieve – matched by frenzied drum work from Michael Wertmuller, who mostly plays in skittish space all over the kit – then matched by some very freewheeling work from Brotzmann on a range of reeds. The electric bass really gives the set a different feel than other improv trio dates – but also in a way that's never "electric" in conventional modes – and titles include "Try Kraka", "Cafe Ingrid", "TTD", "Garnison Lane", "Doss House", and "Schwarspanier Street". ~ Dusty Groove


A fantastic collection of tracks from the mighty Todd Terry – a talent who really jump-started the sound of American clubs with his work in the late 80s – then went onto have a huge global impact in years to come! Todd came from deep in the underground – an artist who was schooled in house and hip hop, and used the best of both styles to bring a leaner groove to club music – a mode that was cleaner and more compact than some of the big label tracks of the period, but which also had a bit more soul and depth than early house. This great 3CD set features all the important early tracks that Todd released – including some under his other names as Royal House, Hardhouse, or Black Riot – plus key mixes from the time, and the growing range of club cuts he brought out during the 90s. 35 tracks in all – including "Weekend (club)", "Desire", "Put Your Hands Together", "Make The Beat Pound", "Can You Dig It", "Ready To Go (Tee's inhouse dub)", "Razen Theme", and "Bango To The Batmobile (club bang)" by Todd Terry – plus "Can You Party (club mix)" by Royal House, "Day In The Life (club mix)" by Black Riot, "Alright Alright (club mix)" by Masters At Work, "Missing (Todd Terry rmx)" by Everything But The Girl, "Check This Out (club)" by Hardhouse, "Pray (Tee's freeze mix)" by BME with Leroy Burgess, "I'm Gonna Get You (Tee's urban dance mix)" by Bizarre Inc, "Samba (Tee's freeze mix)" by House Of Gypsies, "Camarera" by Gypsymen, "I'll House You (club mix)" by Jungle Brothers, and lots lots more! ~ Dusty Groove

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