Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Following the successful “Blackwood Dub” from 2012 is the next chapter in the relationship of Sly & Robbie, the producer Alberto Blackwood and Groove Attack! Again studio time was booked at the legendary Harry J studio and recordings started with Mikey Chung, Radcliffe “Dougie” Bryan, Daryl Thompson, Robbie Lyn, Uziah “Sticky” Thompson – but be warned – the album features a set of 10 tracks of analogue recording sessions and is a special listening experience for real – “Underwater Dub”.

Quotes:“Robbie & myself Sly – we always like to create & play music when we did the first dub album “Blackwood Dub” at Harry J recording studio, at the great hallmark studio known for so many Jamaican hit recordings, some of them we were a part of doing – now the second dub album “Underwater Dub”, we just turn back the clock & came forward and started dropping the drum & bass, it felt so real so good – didn’t want to stop, just like in the old days we had great fun doing this record and will have greater fun making the next one for Slam Records – nuff respect” – Sly Dunbar for Sly & Robbie

- Available as CD (first 3000 copies include additional 16-page booklet of Harry J studio yard images) and as deluxe vinyl set LP+CD (180 gram, booklet & CD insert)
- Track 10 features as hidden track (starting at 4:50) the Underwater Dub Version of ‘Bed’s Too Big’ – for all of those who missed the same titled single (GAP117)
- Follow-up album to “Blackwood Dub”
- Recorded at Harry J studio in analogue recording sessions like back in the days

01. Dictionary
02. Forward March
03. French Woman
04. Spray Belly
05. Great Wall
06. Stormy
07. War Zone
08. Daphne
09. Melissa
10. Thumb Drive (plus check at 4:50)

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