Monday, December 24, 2012


Chuck Lamb pianist andcomposer started the jazz fusion group Dry Jack, (cited in the Rolling Stone History), with which he released two internationally acclaimed albums on the Inner City Label..all original music primarilly composed by Chuvk Lamb, a native of upstate New York. He joined forces with vocalist/composer Theano, a native of Brooklyn, New York, who appeared in the film, WOMEN in JAZZ, (hosted by Carmen MacCrae) and voted Best Jazz Musician in WestWord/1994.

Together they have produced ninerecordings to date. Still in the arms of privilege - being music channelers -they built a strawbale music sanctuary in Crestone, Colorado, replete witha small performance/workshop space. Chuck , as well, performs (for the last 7 years) and records ('Classified'/2008. on the Koch label) with the Brubeck Brothers Quartet. Theano created her unique (free form) vocal workshop, One Voice Choir, nine years ago. They have gratefully garnered acclaim from Downbeat, Jazziz, Keyboard, The NY & the LA Times and countless other publications and media sources.

They travel insanely - hither, thither and yon ... and have enjoyed and relished greatly their musical interactions withmany gifted artists including Bela Fleck, Paul McCandless,Tuck & Patti, Woody Herman Orchestra, Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette, Ursula Dudiak, Michael Moore, Dave Weckl, Ginger Baker, Joey Baron, Riffs, Ernie Watts, Jay Clayton, Eddie Daniels, Michael Murphy, Paul Pomaine, Ron Miles, Nelson Rangell....Yeah, the grateful kids have fun! ~ CD Universe

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