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Lots of earthy percussion here – especially on the leadoff 12" mix of "Alegria" – a flurry of bumping basslines and heady rhythms, peppered here and there with these echoes of older African grooves – almost drifting into the mix as if they're coming from a radio in the next room! The tune's also featured in a radio edit – and the flipside features the very percussion "Cuca (Manga Bo rmx)", which is almost a batucada cut at points – plus the heavier "Puxa (Beat Laden rmx)". (Limited pressing – with bonus download too!) ~ Dusty Groove


A 70s Afro Funk classic from Blo – really trippy grooves from this legendary Nigerian trio – and arguably their greatest album ever! Rhythms here are tremendous – not the usual sort of Afro style, and instead tightly focused at the roots, and coming off with this blistering blend that really drives the tunes strongly – jamming, but without ever jamming too much – kind of a steady fire that really sounds great underneath the vocals! The core elements of the trio are augmented by keyboards from Joni Haastrum and Segun Bucknor – each important Afro Funk players in their own right, who both really help add a nice sort of psych element alongside the skittish grooving of the guitar, bass, and drums. Titles include "Blo", "It's Gonna Be A Good Day", "Native Doctor", "Do It You'll Like It", "Atide", and "Whole Lot Of Sh*t". (Limited edition – with heavy vinyl and cover, and insert too!) ~ Dusty Groove


A 60s set from Memphis bluesman BB King – but one put together with a very distinct Chicago touch as well! The set's produced by Johnny Pate, and recorded live with a vibe that's similar to King's classic recording at The Regal – but it's almost got even more of a soulful punch, thanks to backing from a cool small combo that includes Bobby Forte on tenor, Kenneth Sands on trumpet, Duke Jethro on Hammond, and Louis Satterfield on bass! BB's vocals are great – in his best early form – and the tunes are bluesy, but also smoke with a nice degree of soul – and almost some jazzy touches at times from the tenor and organ. Titles include "Don't Answer The Door", "Blind Love", "Tired Of Your Jive", "Night Life", "Buzz Me", and "Waitin On You". CD features two bonus tracks – "Goin Down Slow" and "Sweet Sixteen (parts 1 & 2)" – both additional live numbers. ~ Dusty Groove

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