Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Chart topping jazz artist U-Nam (best known for his #1 hit “Street Life") has been in the studio recording and producing his next project. Paying tribute to his hero and favorite artist George Benson, U-Nam will be releasing the album Weekend In L.A. (A George Benson Tribute ) as U-Nam & Friends sometime in the fall. The album includes a mega all-star line up of artists and musicians including but not limited to Patrice Rushen, Tim Owens, Mike White, Ricky Lawson, Matt Rohde, Jeff Lacey, Franck Sitbon, Denis Benarrosh, Darryl Williams, Andreas Oberg , Marva King, Najee, Stokley ( Mint Condition ) and many more artists who will be revealed later, and according to U-Nam, there are many surprises to be expected. U-Nam, with this new project, one can, “Expect the Unexpected!!!" He also added that, “Before I even started to record any music on this project, my first thought was to call George [Benson], let him know about the project and ask for his blessing. I got more than I expected when he told me this, ‘Man, for sure you have my blessing and anyway whatever you’re gonna do it’s gonna sounds fantastic.’ After that I felt relieved and incredibly motivated to do a great hommage to GB!" The album is going to follow in the footsteps of George Benson; a mix of Jazz, R’n’B, Pop, Soul and full of innovation. The full album is due to be released in the fall of 2011. The first single released is “Weekend in L.A.” and it is available now at all digital outlets.

What’s interesting about this new recording is that artists nowadays (including U-Nam), are now reaching out to their fans to raise money for their recording sessions. According to U-Nam, “Record labels can’t dictate my artist integrity any longer – even after the opportunity to have a #1 Billboard chart position in the US in 2007 with “Street Life” and 3 solo albums with a major label, and touring the world. Now, my only goal in these ever-changing days is to do GREAT MUSIC, passionately and with all my heart and share it directly with you , the fans . That’s why I’m paying tribute to my hero, mentor and friend George Benson! It’s also the first ever tribute album to George Benson that includes already famous guests such as George Duke, Patrice Rushen, Najee, Phil Perry, Mike White, Tim Owens and many more to be confirmed (artists that you might help me convince)!!!” He goes on to say…”And here is the best part… the maestro himself is going to write the liner notes!!! Right now, you and I together need to raise more money to complete the project, so I’m counting on you and you George Benson fans to help me to reach that goal!!! I will keep you informed and will update as soon as I can throughout the creative and recording process with news such as sneak peaks, revealing new guests, uploading pictures, etc…”

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