Sunday, September 02, 2007


Saxophonist Candy Dulfer will deliver her new CD Candy Store on the Heads Up International label on September 18th. The Dutch-born artist says she's been gratified by early response to the CD, which features a range of musical styles, from funk to Latin and reggae to hip-hop. Dulfer says she was able to make the album she wanted to make, writing and recording tunes with musical partners Ulco Bed, Thomas Bank, and Chance Howard before she had signed a new recording contract. After meeting Heads Up chief Dave Love at a European festival, she decided to send him a sample of her music, thinking he wouldn't feel it was right for the label. She was pleasantly surprised. Dulfer explained: "We kept writing but it was all very ... you know, a lot of diverse styles, just everything we felt like basically. And then I met Dave Love from Heads Up, and he said he wanted to sign me. And he said, 'Do you have some material already?' And I said, 'Well we got stuff but you probably won't like it because it's so totally out there and so different.' And he said, 'Well try me and just send it to me.' And I did, and he just loved it." No official single has been designated for radio, but smooth jazz fans will enjoy the Latin flavor of "La Cabana," the smooth "11:58," and the beautiful "Everytime." Candy Store also features a bonus track, a remix of her previous radio hit "Finsbury Park.”.

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