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Wonderful work from this New Orleans combo – a Latin act that feels like they'd be much more at home in the Spanish Harlem scene of the 60s, especially given the soulful undercurrents of this set! On previous releases, the group already showed a great talent for crafting just the right sort of classic Latin groove – tight percussion and sharp instrumentation, all honed down with the rhythms in a way that really carried a strong old school punch. But this time around, they've got all that and more – a stronger Latin soul spirit than before, which really comes through in the pacing and presentation of the songs – holding back sometimes to give the listener more, in ways that few young Latin groups seem to get! The style is wonderful – and in addition to older New York modes, these guys bring in a few other elements as well – always without any hoke or gimmick at all. Titles include "Dejame", "Mary Wants To Boogaloo", "Oye Mamacita", "Hasta", "Sad Eyes", and "Swahili Baby". ~ Dusty Groove


Spacey club soul from The Layabouts – who lay down a nicely cosmic sound that's still rooted in soul – and with a great roster of guest vocalists including Terri Walker, Omar, Portia Monique, Tony Momrelle, Imaani and more! The record's called Future Retro, but it feels pretty comfortable in the here-and-now to us – with percolating beats and compelling groove of timeless house, but taking to deeper soul realm thanks to such an impressive roster of singers and solid songs for them to work with. Nice stuff! Includes "1 Step To Love" feat Tony Momrelle, "As Long As You Believe" with Omar, "Fearless" and "Too Late" with Imaani, "Do Better" and "Tell Me Now" with Portia Monique, "Perfectly" with Shea Soul, "Here With You" with Terri Walker and more. ~ Dusty Groove


Spacey club grooves from Simoncino – showing love for some of best Chicago and Detroit dancefloor sounds of the past quarter century, from house to techno – along with some more globally-steeped soundscapes! Compelling beats and cosmic keys are prevalent throughout – along with some Afro and Latin bits that really give it a diverse vibe overall. The 2LP vinyl version is heavy with alternate material not on the CD version – and the titles include "Open Your Eyes", "Jungle Dream (Ron Trent Remix Part One)", "In A Dream" feat Gregg Fore of Dream 2 Science (original mix and Dream 2 Science mix), "Trip To Japan", Use Me Lose Me", "Saber", "Tramonto Sulla Spiaggia", "A Shi Tai (Japanese Love)" feat Soichi Terada and more. ~ Dusty Groove

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