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Funky Town Grooves (FTG) Records has announced that six of Melba Moore’s albums LPs from the 80's are coming out on CD between now and March 2011. Moore is the daughter of jazz bandleader Teddy Hill, rose to prominence on Broadway as a cast member in Hair and won a Tony for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for her role in Purlie in 1970. She began a recording career on Buddah and Epic – but it wasn’t until the early 80's and a switch to Capitol that her career started to smoke. Most of her recordings, including the U.S. dance hit “Love’s Comin’ at Ya,” were produced by Kashif, one of the writers/producers behind Whitney Houston’s debut album. Moore started to gain huge success as a singer signing with Capitol Records and reaching the top 5 on the R&B charts with the dance pop/funk single, "Love's Comin' At Ya", which also hit the top 20 in the UK and became a sizable hit in some European countries for its post-disco sound. A string of R&B hits would follow during this decade including 1983's "Keepin' My Lover Satisfied" and "Love Me Right", 1984's "Livin' For Your Love", 1985's "Read My Lips", which later won Moore a fourth Grammy nomination for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance, making her just the third black artist after Donna Summer and Michael Jackson to be nominated in the rock category, and 1985's "When You Love Me Like This". In 1986, she scored two number-one R&B hits, including the duet, "A Little Bit More", with Freddie Jackson and "Falling". She scored other popular R&B hits including "Love the One I'm With (A Lot of Love)" and "It's Been So Long". Between January and March of 2011 Funky Town Grooves will release the first five of Moore’s LPs for Capitol, each with bonus B-sides and remixes.

So far one record has already been released; FTG Records has done a straight reissue of Moore’s swan song for Epic, Closer (1980). Here they are:

 Closer (FTG Records, 2010 – originally released as Epic JE 36412, 1980)
1.   Everything So Good About You
2.   You Got Me Loving You
3.   Closer
4.   Something on Your Mind
5.   Shame
6.   Never Gonna Let You Get Away
7.   Rest Inside My Love
8.   I Could Never Miss You More
9.   Next to You
10. You Don’t Know What You Do to Me

What a Woman Needs: Expanded Edition (FTG-231, 2011 – originally released as EMI America ST-17060, 1981)
1.   Let’s Stand Together
2.   Your Sweet Lovin’
3.   What a Woman Needs
4.   Take My Love
5.   Overnight Sensation
6.   Each Second
7.   Piece of Rock
8.   Let’s Go Back to Lovin’
9.   Take My Love (Long Version) (12″ A-side – EMI America 12EA 130, 1981)
10. Just You Just Me (7″ B-side – EMI America EA 130, 1981)

The Other Side of the Rainbow: Expanded Edition (FTG-232, 2011 – originally released as Capitol ST-12243, 1982)
1.   Love’s Comin’ At Ya
2.   Underlove
3.   Mind Up Tonight
4.   Knack for Me
5.   How’s Love Been Treatin’ You
6.   Don’t Go Away
7.   I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie-Honey Bunch)
8.   The Other Side of the Rainbow
9.   Underlove (M&M Mix) (12″ B-side – Capitol 8547, 1982)
10. Love’s Comin’ At Ya (Instrumental) (12″ B-side – EMI America 7803, 1982)
11. Mind Up Tonight (Instrumental) (12″ B-side – Capitol 8543, 1982)

 Never Say Never: Expanded Edition (FTG-233, 2011 – originally released as Capitol ST-12305, 1983)
1.   Love Me Right
2.   Keepin’ My Lover Satisfied
3.   Got to Have Your Love
4.   Livin’ for Your Love
5.   It’s Really Love
6.   Never Say Never
7.   Lovin’ Touch
8.   Lean on Me
9.   Love Me Right (Extended Remix) (12″ A-side – Capitol V-8586, 1983)

Read My Lips: Expanded Edition ( FTG-234, 2011 – originally released as Capitol ST-12382, 1985)
1.   Love of a Lifetime
2.   I Can’t Believe It (It’s Over)
3.   Read My Lips
4.   Dreams
5.   When You Love Me Like This
6.   Winner
7.   King of My Heart
8.   To Those Who Wait
9.   Mind Over Matter
10. I Can’t Believe It (It’s Over) (Extended Remix) (U.K. 12″ A-side – Capitol 12CL-381, 1985)
11. Read My Lips (Remix Version) (12″ promo A-side – Capitol SPRO-9381, 1985)
12. When You Love Me Like This (Special Club Remix) (12″ A-side – Capitol V-8647, 1985)
13. Winner (Instrumental) (12″ B-side – Capitol V-8647, 1985)
14. Read My Lips (Extended Version) (12″ promo B-side – Capitol SPRO-9381, 1985)
15. When You Love Me Like This (Monster Groove Mix) (12″ promo B-side – Capitol SPRO-9446, 1985)

A Lot of Love: Expanded Edition (Funky Town Grooves FTG-235, 2011 – originally released as Capitol ST-12471, 1986)
1.   There I Go Falling in Love Again
2.   It’s Been So Long
3.   I’m Not Gonna Let You Go
4.   Love the One I’m With (A Lot of Love)
5.   You Trip Me Out
6.   A Little Bit More
7.   Falling
8.   Stay
9.   When We Touch (It’s Like Fire)
10. Don’t Go Away
11. Love the One I’m With (A Lot of Love) (Extended Version) (12″ promo A-side – Capitol SPRO-9717, 1986)
12. I’m Not Gonna Let You Go (Remix) (12″ promo A-side – Capitol SPRO-79051, 1986)
13. It’s Been So Long (Extended Remix) (12″ A-side – Capitol V-15280, 1986)
14. Love the One I’m With (A Lot of Love) (Club Mix) (12″ promo A-side – Capitol SPRO-9776, 1986)
15. Don’t Go Away (12″ B-side – Capitol V-15236, 1986)
16. A Little Bit More (Radio Edit) (7″ A-side – Capitol B-5632, 1986)


Anonymous said...

I searched the list for one of my favorite Melba Moore recordings but didn't find it. Is there a chance that that LP "Melba" that fetured "There's No Other Like You" will ever be reissued in CD or MP3 form?

Anonymous said...

The "Melba" album is being reissued in Feb by Big Break Records.

Anonymous said...

The Melba Moore reissues
Have been released check on amazon
Melba Moore Management Ron Richardson 718-230-1950


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