Monday, September 22, 2008


Marcus Johnson is an accomplished keyboardist, the chairman and CEO of Three Keys Music and Studio 8121, and founder of FLO(TM) Brands. Three Keys, Studio 8121 and two music publishing companies were created from Johnson's partnership with Bob Johnson (no relation), founder and former president and CEO of BET. Over his 15 year career, Johnson has released more than 10 CDs, all charting in the Top 20 on Billboard's Contemporary Jazz Charts., and his music has been widely lauded by jazz critics and aficionados.

Three is Marcus Johnson's lucky number this week. His "FLO ... " CD trilogy all broke Billboard's Contemporary Jazz Charts this week. Released September 9th and after one week of sales the "FLO" (For the Love Of) CDs - "Romance", "Chill" and "Standards" hit the Billboard charts at # seven, # nine and #13 respectively. The release of three CDs simultaneously is an amazing accomplishment. And, to have them each hit Billboard's Contemporary Jazz Top 15 at the same time should be one for the jazz music history books. "We are grateful for the support of jazz music lovers and Marcus Johnson fans," says Johnson. "We knew we'd created a masterful collection of music, and the sales prove that we were right."

"FLO ... Romance" features the sexy vocal stylings of Keith Atler, Alyson Williams, Stoney Ellis, YahZarah and Frank McComb who join Johnson on this smooth sultry mix of R&B and jazz. "FLO ... Chill" is just the right touch of jazz from the opening grooves of Plush (featured on the "Urban Groove" CD) to the dance grooves. " ... Chill" delivers a musical journey of incomparable 'chillin'. "FLO ... Standards" is a smooth jazz journey of classic jazz standards featuring Marcus Johnson's melodic and intricate interpretation of Cannonball Adderley's "Moanin" and "My Funny Valentine." Johnson is joined on " ... Standards" by keyboardists Bobby Lyle and Michael Price and drummer Lenny Robinson. This combination of dynamic musical performances lifts " ... Standards" to glory for any jazz lover.

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