Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well here we go once again as the smooth jazz radio backlash continues. On top of smooth jazz stations in Denver, Jacksonville, Houston, Washington, DC and New York, now smooth jazz WSMJ in Baltimore also "fades into the sunset" (per the station's former website). In its place is an Alternative format now known as "Channel 104.3." Elliot in the Morning, from Clear Channel sister WWDC (DC101) will be simulcast in mornings on Channel 104.3. Soon the station will be rebranded as WCHH. WSJM's flip follows the flips of former SJ stations Emmis' WQCD/New York, which went Triple A, Citadel's WJZW/Washington, which moved to Oldies, and Lincoln Financial Media's KJCD/Denver, now an FM Sports outlet."This is a very exciting day for Baltimore radio listeners," said According to Clear Channel DC-Baltimore OM Jeff Kapugi, “This is a very exciting day for Baltimore radio listeners.” "The Rock/Alternative format is unique to the area and features some music that has not been played here for quite some time. The opportunity to add Elliot in the Morning to Channel 104.3 is huge." Yeah right pal – what about for the smooth jazz listeners? Do ya think they’re gonna listen to Alternative – NO WAY!

My guess is that more major market smooth jazz stations will convert - - that is unless the smooth jazz format evolves into something that listeners can actually enjoy listening too. As much as I love listening to smooth jazz radio, the playlists are too restrictive and so lately I find myself listening to my own “smooth jazz station” on my iPod which by the way has over 8,000 tracks on it. For smooth jazz to survive they need to really open up those playlists and become more daring, adventurous. Once they do that, I know that they will regain the excitement. Oh well – that’s my ranting for today. Later.

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