Wednesday, June 12, 2019

New Music Releases: Ron Carter & Danny Simmons - Brown Beatnik Tomes: Live At BRIC House; Lonnie Smith - Gotcha; J-Galvin – Heart Glow

Ron Carter & Danny Simmons - Brown Beatnik Tomes: Live At BRIC House

Ron Carter has always been way more than a straight jazz bassist – especially in the past few decades, where his collaborative spirit has taken him into territory we never would have imagined early on in his career! Here, he works alongside writer Danny Simmons – whose words inform most of these tracks, read by Simmons himself. Carter plays these amazing basslines that are vivid and illustrative while Danny reeds – and a few tracks change up the approach slightly, one with a reading from Liza Jessie Peterson, two more with trio performances that feature Donald Vega on piano and Russel Malone on guitar. Titles include "Tender", "The Final Stand Of Two Dick Willie", "For A Pistol", "The Jigaboo Waltz", "The Brown Beatnik Tones", and "Feeling It Coming On". ~ Dusty Groove

Lonnie Smith - Gotcha

Smooth later work from Lonnie Smith – but still pretty darn great, with a feel that's in the late 70s Kudu/CTI mode! Arrangements are bigger than ever before – with large backings arranged by Lonnie, and some vocals that have a really wonderful, warm, Stevie Wonder-esque quality to them. The best tracks groove along at a nice midtempo pace, with strong work on keyboards by Lonnie, and a warm, dreamy, soulful quality that's quite different from his Blue Note work, but equally pleasing in another sort of way. Titles include "What's Done Is Done", "I Need Your Love", "Sweet Honey Wine", "My Latin Sky", and "Journey To Within". ~ Dusty Groove

J-Galvin – Heart Glow

J-Calvin is a Neo-Soul-Funk band from Durango, Colorado. On New Year’s Eve 2017, the five members of J-Calvin brought their unique and varied musical backgrounds together for the first time. The result was a soul-abducting fusion of authentic lyrics, jazz-influenced harmonies, and Dilla-Inspired beats. The summer of 2018 brought their positive, high-energy show to Telluride Jazzfest and Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest, and in late 2018 they celebrated the release of their debut album, Heart Glow, to a sold-out crowd headlining the iAM Music Fest in Durango. In the bands first year they played over 70 shows across the Southwest region at some of the areas finest music venues and have established strong roots in their home away from home Tucson, AZ. When not performing as J-Calvin, all members dedicate their time as music educators to iAM Music, a 501c3 non-profit music school that helps youth and adults pursue music, cultivates community events, and builds meaningful creative networks. Includes: Dare I Say; Heart Glow; Take Me Away; Won't Let You Go; Waiting for Sarah; Sun; See Far; and This Will Grow.

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