Thursday, June 29, 2017


"DownBeat Magazine has been an integral part of the history of this music, and I am honored to receive this award from them. The journey - the practice of this music, of perfecting my art and carving my truth - remains endless, but it sure is nice to be recognized from time to time while I am at it, doing my thing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
- Gilad Hekselman

Gilad Hekselman is proud to be the winner of the 2017 DownBeat Magazine Critics Poll (full results in the August issue) in the Rising Star Guitar Category. Throughout his many years on the New York City/global jazz scene, the guitarist/composer/bandleader (and first-call sideman) has worked diligently and earnestly at his craft, and, through countless performances/tours and five brilliant albums as a leader, has delighted fans and critics alike. Hekselman is proud to share the 2017 Rising Star Guitar category with such inspiring artists such as Jeff Parker, David Gilmore, Lage Lund, Camila Meza, Mike Moreno, Yotam Silberstein and others. 

Gilad Hekselman's latest recording is Homes, an album that fills you with quiet enthusiasm. You listen to it - or rather experience it as a contemplative contrast to the artist's complex identity in a globalized world: identification with his origins, the variety of places he has lived and worked, his musical models and influences, his place among family and friends, and his place within the history of his art. This recording reflects Gilad's relationships with his many homes; physical, geographic, musical and spiritual. Featuring double-bassist Joe Martin, and drummer Marcus Gilmore.

Hekselman's upcoming record (release date to be announced), his 6th, combines two of his new projects: his new retro-futuristic project named ZuperOctave, featuring Aaron Parks on synths and piano, and Kush Abadey on drums. The other is his new trio with bassist Rick Rosato and drummer Jonathan Pinson, which is more of a continuation and development of the concept and sound of his previous trio. The recording continues Hekselman's passion for strong melodies, but branches out sonically into new territory with bass-less configurations, synths and some surprises!
Upcoming Tour Dates:
JUL 13 THU - gHex + Fred Hersch - Mezzrow - New York, NY
JUL 26 WED - Seminar Siena Jazz - Siena, Italy
AUG 5 SAT - gHex Solo guitar - Newport Jazz Festival!
AUG 10,11,12 - gHexFestival at Cornelia Street Cafe
AUG 30 & 31 WED - gHex Trio - Smalls - New York, NY
OCT 3 TUE - gHex Trio - Jazzlab - Hamburg, Germany
OCT 5 THU - gHex Trio - Jazz Meile - Jena, Germany
OCT 6 FRI - gHex Trio - Enjoy Jazz Festival - Mannheim, Germany
OCT 11 WED - gHex Trio - Jazzclub Tonne - Dresden, Germany
OCT 12 THU - gHex Trio - 41. Leipziger Jazztage - Leipzig, Germany
NOV 2 THU - gHex Trio + Mark Turner - Guadalajara, Spain
NOV 3 FRI - gHex Trio + Mark Turner - Madrid, Spain
NOV 4 SAT - gHex Trio + Mark Turner - Jamboree - Barcelona, Spain
NOV 5 SUN - gHex Trio + Mark Turner - Sunset - Girona, Spain
NOV 6 MON - gHex Trio + Mark Turner - Jimmy Glass - Valencia, Spain
NOV 7 TUE - gHex Trio + Mark Turner - Paradise Jazz - Copenhagen, DK
NOV 9 THU - gHex Trio + Mark Turner - Dexter, Odense, DK
NOV 10 & 11 FRI - gHex Trio + Mark Turner - Sunset - Paris, France
NOV 14 TUE - gHex Trio + Mark Turner - Wharf Chamber - Leeds, UK
NOV 15-16 - gHex Trio + Mark Turner - Birmingham Conservatoire, UK
NOV 17 FRI - gHex Trio + Mark Turner - Royal Welch College of Music
Cardiff, UK
NOV 18 SAT - gHex Trio+ Mark Turner - Vortex - London, UK
DEC 8, 9 & 10 - ZuperOctave - Musig Im Pflegidach - Muri, Switzerland
DEC 14 THU - ZuperOctave - Jazz Maastricht - Maastricht, Netherlands
DEC 15 FRI - ZuperOctave - Jazz Station - Brussels, Belgium
DEC 16 SAT - ZuperOctave - Bimhuis - Amsterdam, Netherlands

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