Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bassist David Pastorius and Local 518 'Sense of Urgency '

David, the nephew of the late, great bassist Jaco Pastorius, may share the same last name and instrument of choice as his uncle, but that’s where the similarities end. As bass players go, David’s roots match his edgier, more progressive rock sound. “I mean, obviously, now I listen to Jaco and, yeah, he’s definitely an influence now. But originally it was guys like Flea, Robert Trujillo, Les Claypool, Steve Harris... more from the rock element.”

As the nephew of legendary jazz fusion bassist Jaco Pastorius, David has carried the torch in a way that even he probably could not have anticipated. David’s first album, the self titled David Pastorius and Local 518 was released on the P-Vine label in Japan in 2007, with great success there. It is on this album that many listeners got their first glimpse of David’s unique approach to bass – and particularly his slap style – which he’s clearly advanced since, gaining him recognition wherever he plays.

The follow-up to the first release is Sense of Urgency. After a couple of listens, it is clear this is a big leap from the first one, from the compositions to the performance. David credits this with having both a plan as well as more experience in recording an album. David wrote or co-wrote all of the music on Sense of Urgency. He says that his writing often times starts on the bass, but on some of the tracks, they came using a unique instrument.

See video below David’s bass remix of Tech N9ne’s seminal track “Questions”, we knew something special had just landed in our laps. Fast forward nearly a year and the master of four strings is headed out on the road with Tech N9ne’s Band Of Psychos Tour.

“When I stumbled across a video on Facebook of David Pastorius I found myself stunned in my tracks.  You can definitely sense the ‘Pastorius DNA’ yet there is a clear path that David has carved out on his own in the shadows of his uncle Jaco.  I had to immediately contact him to tell him that he astounded me with his talent.  I believe he is perfect for our NOT JUST JAZZ campaign for his artistry speaks for itself with all the colors and flavors integrating with each other and especially jazz” says Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide.  David is currently looking for bookings on music festivals worldwide.

“I am completely honored and grateful to be featured by The Jazz Network Worldwides’s NOT JUST JAZZ campaign. It’s an amazing platform for many artists such as myself that don't totally fit into the straight ahead jazz genre. I'm hoping that this feature will help bring some attention to artists like myself and others out there so we can support ourselves and our families doing what we love and were intended to do.   I also want to give a huge thank you to Jaijai Jackson for all her help and everything she did to make this opportunity a possibility for me.”

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