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Rob's musical journey began when as a young man on his paper route, he found a Cannonball Adderly and other records someone was throwing away. By his early teens, Rob was playing the trumpet in high school and various bands, and later years switched to playing the alto sax. He also plays the soprano and tenor saxophones as well. His musical influences are: Grover Washington Jr, Gerald Albright, Kirk Whalum Kim Waters, Courtney Pine, Art Porter, Cannonball Adderly, Najee and many other saxophonists. With producer Gordon Worthy, Rob debut released " It's In Your Hand Your Hands" and now with "Hear Right Now. Features Waine Jonze on guitar on various track, along with his wife Helen Harrow on background vocals and the smooth vocals of Kimball Scott. Nice Up The Place features Recordo Dobson on bass and guitar.


Osaru, a NC-based musician and physician, releases a a smooth jazz effort that features lead soprano, and tenor saxophone sounds. 'Stepping up the B-Side' is an alternate version of his recently released album, Stepping Up. All of the songs have been remixed. In 'old school terms', these would be classified as singles... except you have all 10 singles packaged in a very thoughtful cohesive album.  Most striking is the more laid back feel to this version. He removes all the background vocals, creating a totally different experience for the listeners, who can now interpret the songs in any way they want to. Strategically placed mutes and various other sounds replace the background vocals. All 10 tracks are originals written, performed and produced by the artist. They feature smooth, melodic tenor and soprano sax phrasing, sprinkled with subtle keyboard, guitar and mute trumpet lines on a background of punchy, laid-back grooves. The perfect music for 'chilling out' when the need arises. Osaru described 'Stepping Up' as 'smooth jazz with attitude.' On the B-side version, he combines his skills on the keyboards, saxophone and wind controller with his song writing, arranging  and production skills. The end product is a chilled-out, positively charged, groove swathed album. From the mid-tempo funk of 'The Music Train' to the slow dance of 'Remember', you will find yourself tapping your foot and bobbing your head as each groove unfolds. By the time 'What A Great Day!' comes on, with its contemporary R and B beat, you can truly feel the optimism in the album. The album closes on a high note with the aptly titled song, 'Let's Go', which is an all-out jam with tenor sax, soprano sax, electric guitar and piano all accounted for in this splendid conclusion to the album.


Liz Allen Hope, the voice, power and energy behind Lizpiration Entertainment Group, is sitting on top of the world. With a new album, video and a schedule of performance appearances before her, she is going full speed ahead with an exhilarating and satisfying career. Born in Sedalia, Missouri, Liz grew up in Hokkaido, Japan and Guam, Plattsburg, New York and Columbus, Ohio with her military parents. Following a career as a model and airline stewardess, she met and married her husband, musician, soul mate and performance partner, the late Paul Hope.  Paul was a saxophonist, flautist and “Jazz Man” who played in Gulfport area bands and opened for James Brown, Bobby Blue Bland and the like. He also played in the Army Special Service band during the Vietnam Era. Paul was the wind beneath Liz’s wings, who helped her polish her talent and told her “you can do this.” Starting in 1988, they produced beautiful music together, including two albums “The Power of Love” and “High Plateaus.” After Paul’s untimely death in 1998, Liz, with three daughters still in elementary and middle school, took a step back from her music career. Then, convinced that Paul would want her to gather the strength to continue, she rejoined the entertainment world. A world class performer, she has appeared in The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Jamaica, and Hong Kong as well as all over the United States. Today, she is passionate about her art and eager to share her experiences and help others realize success in this exciting industry.  In addition, Liz is seeking worldwide jazz stages to perform for the upcoming seasons.  Here latest smooth jazz release is "Here's Love." Visit THE JAZZ NETWORK WORLDWIDE "A GREAT PLACE TO HANG" at:

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