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2016 release, the first installment in the Mr. Bongo Record Club compilation series - a selection of favorites, recent discoveries and sought after obscurities, which form the basis of our DJ sets and our radio show of the same name. Including cuts by Claudia, Cortex, Dave Pike Set, Fruko, Neno Exporta Som, Connie Laverne, Barbosa and more. The original concept for Mr. Bongo Record Club was a radio show that allowed us to air our treasured record collections, recorded and broadcast once a month. We wanted to create an outlet free from any genre or BPM restrictions, not constrained by the need to beat-mix every record, a space where we could play latest finds alongside favorites. The only self-imposed rule being that it had to be played from vinyl. We have always DJ'd across-the-board, but playing in an eclectic way hasn't always been easy. Recently DJ's such as MCDE, Floating Points, Nick The Record, Leon Vynehall, Four Tet, Jeremy Underground, Antal (Rush Hour), Sassy J and Young Marco - to name a few - have opened things up with very diverse sets to younger audiences; Brazilian samba-rock, next to modern soul, highlife, disco, boogie, jazz, house, techno and beyond. We're seeing a rare groove like sensibility. A shift towards the attitude of legendary club nights hosted by the likes of Mr Scruff and Gilles Peterson, where you could hear house, hip hop, Turkish funk, boogie, jazz, dub and Latin back to back. At the same time it isn't a nostalgic or retro movement, people have a progressive attitude and a thirst for new-old music. It is a vibrant and exciting time - we are proud to be a part of it.


Beautiful work from Wanda Sa – the Brazilian singer who first rose to prominence during the bossa years of the 60s, but who only seems to have gotten better with age! This set is a true testament to all the growth Wanda has experienced over the years – music that has a depth and subtle power she never had in her youth – and which also is a nice change from some of Sa's more bossa-oriented sets of the past decades! There's definitely some bossa nova in the presentation, but the conception is much richer, and the performance much more deeply personal – less concerned with an overall style or sound, and very focused on Wanda's individual performances of the songs. The set features guest contributions from Ivan Lins, Roberto Menescal, Ricardo Silveira, and others – but Wanda's clearly the star of the show here, on titles that include "Fora De Hora", "Fotografia", "Cala Meu Amor", "Entardecendo", "The Nearness Of You", "Uma Simples Cancao", and "Samba Pequeno".  ~ Dusty Groove


Spellbound is how audiences frequently find themselves at some point during a Sendy Brown performance. Sendy doesn’t just sing; she creates. Carefully remaining true to the lyric, she moves souls with her passionate interpretations. Sendy is serious about her craft and her debut CD, "Secrets of the Soul," showcases her exceptional talent and her commitment to the art. "Secrets of the Soul" is a fulfillment long-awaited. As a child, Sendy’s voice touched the hearts of the congregation at her father’s church in Jersey City, NJ. At age 11, she was the featured soloist at a standing-room-only church concert. She continued singing the songs of Mahalia Jackson at area churches until she discovered her first Jazz album – a Billie Holiday recording. That led her to Howard University’s School of Fine Arts in Washington, DC, where she became a protégé of Grady Tate. It was at Howard, during a master’s class, that she impressed the legendary vocalist, Betty Carter. When her question to Ms. Carter on the creative process spontaneously became a song, the audience exploded in applause. Ms. Carter answered in song, "You just did it! You just did it!" and complimented Sendy on her voice. "Secrets of the Soul" is the culmination of her work. It is a strong statement and an exceptional display. A work of art from beginning to end, it takes the listener on a sonic journey through a range of emotions. With updated renditions of Jazz classics like "‘Round Midnight," "Skylark" and "When I Fall in Love," this recording will please a range of listeners. Jazz enthusiasts will love the scope of the CD (featuring ballads, Blues, and swinging, up-tempo tunes) as well as the range of her voice, her distinctive lyrical style, her phrasing, and her respect for the tradition. Fans of good music will love the refreshing arrangements and unique approaches to these classics.

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