Wednesday, July 27, 2016

BROOKLYN JAZZ UNDERGROUND Presents The 10th Annual Brooklyn Jazz Underground Festival @ Smalls & Shapeshifter - August 17 & 18

The Brooklyn Jazz Underground is an association of independent artists with a shared commitment to creativity and community. Through cooperative efforts, the BJU aims to build a greater awareness of original music emerging from Brooklyn, NY. 

January, 2007 saw the birth of The Brooklyn Jazz Underground, a collective conceived in the spirit of an entrepreneurial, do-it-yourself movement in the current music industry, and the emergence of myriad independent artists and record labels, spawning a creative boom which counts Brooklyn as one of its bastions of innovation and artistry. 

The Brooklyn Jazz Underground, Tammy Scheffer (voice), Adam Kolker (saxophone, woodwinds), Dave Smith (trumpet), Anne Mette Iversen (bass), Rob Garcia, Owen Howard (drums) & Dave Cook (piano), an uber-creative group contributing mightily to the vibrancy of the jazz and improvised music scene in Brooklyn and beyond, proudly announces The 10th Annual Brooklyn Jazz Underground Festival, to take place at Smalls in Greenwich Village on August 17, and Shapeshifter Lab in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn on August 18.  The Festival will feature BJU members leading their ensembles in performances of original music, much of it comprised of new works.  

The 10th Annual Brooklyn Jazz Underground Festival
Schedule of Events:

Smalls - August 17:
$20 for the entire evening. Smalls is located at 183 W. 10th Street, NYC

Owen Howard
7:30 PM 
Owen Howard Trio
Owen Howard-drums, Jason Rigby-saxophone, Matt Clohesy-bass

8:45 PM 
Kolker/Cardenas/Mintz + Woodwind Trio
Adam Kolker-saxophone, woodwinds, Steve Cardenas-guitar, Billy Mintz-drums, Lawrence Feldman-flute, David Gould-clarinet, Jackie Henderson-bassoon 

David Smith
10:00 PM
David Smith Quartet
David Smith-trumpet, David Cook-piano, Gary Wang-bass, Anthony Pinciotti-drums 

11:15 PM 
The Brooklyn Jazz Underground
Performing music from their album "A Portrait Of Brooklyn, and more

Tammy Scheffer-voice, David Smith-trumpet, Adam Kolker-saxophone, David Cook-piano, Carlo De Rosa-bass, Owen Howard-drums, Rob Garcia-drums

Shapeshifter Lab - August 18:
$15 for the entire evening. Shapeshifter Lab is located at 18 Whitwell Place, Brooklyn, NY, 
7:00 PM
David Cook Quintet
David Cook-piano, John Ellis-saxophone, David Smith-trumpet, Matt Clohesy-bass, Mark Ferber-drums
Rob Garcia
8:15 PM
Rob Garcia Trio
Rob Garcia-drums, Steve Cardenas-guitar, Matt Pavolka-bass
9:30 PM
Tammy Scheffer Sextet + Voices
Tammy Scheffer-voice, Uri Gurvich-alto saxophone, Dan Pratt-tenor & soprano, Billy Test-piano, Daniel Foose-bass, Jared Schonig-drums, Aubrey Johnson, Katie Seiler, Tomas Cruz-voice

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