Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide: Jazz Trumpeter, Hasani Arthur With A Sneak Peek of His CD ‘Jazz Revamp’

Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide:  Jazz Trumpeter, Hasani Arthur With A Sneak Peek of His CD ‘Jazz Revamp’ with his new single ‘Midnight Bed-stuy AKA King Arthur” Featuring Dame-o Hodges.

The jazz world gets a special treat this week as Hasani Arthur releases his single “Midnight Bed-stuy AKA King Arthur featuring Dame-o Hodges.  Hasani’s quest with his latest album Jazz Revamp ”King Arthur," is to expose jazz to his younger fans and being Promoted On Top Sites. 

Hasani Arthur he is a writer, producer and composer who is classically trained by the most prestigious music institutions which include: The Julliard School (MAP), New York City All Jazz High School Band, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, and the Brooklyn Music & Arts Program.

Hasani’a signature sound was derived from his influences such as Wynton Marsalis, John Coltrane, Billie Holiday, George Benson, Grover Washington Jr., Bill Withers and many others. ”I love the swinging big-band sounds of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington but also love infusion music, when you listen to my music, you will hear a blend of Jazz, Soul and Hip Hop” says Arthur.

Always taking his artistry to another level through his competitive spirit, he appeared along with Innovative Soundz on Amateur Night at the Apollo and was one of the winner’s on Seeking Satch Trumpet Contest. In 2011 and was asked to be apart of KENDRICK LAMAR "RIGAMORTIS video. 

Arthur’s 2016 campaign started off with a bang with a calculated number of views to date on Reverbnation showing an impressive start at 177,650 views from his dedicated fans. In addition to this positive force moving straight ahead to his dreams, he added another facet of his artistry by composing the music for Tropicana Soca song “Come On Over.”

As a producer, Hasani not only mentors artists, he creates beats and composes songs through his NYC studio related to all media. 

“You can truly hear his jazz influences in his work flavored with ‘today’s contemporary genre integrations, an innovative blend of all his influences that evokes a sense of his musical 

heart from today’s universe of musicality honoring the masters of jazz in his melodic steps” says Jaijai Jackson, owner of The Jazz Network Worldwide.

Hasani will be performing Saturday, April 30th at 1pm in the Apple Room at JALC for Eli Yamin’s 10th anniversary concert and the last as a director for Jazz At Lincoln Center's  MSJA  Program.

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