Thursday, February 18, 2016


Not the original Quatermass EP from The Heliocentrics – but material that takes off in an even fuller, heavier direction – and which may well be the funkiest sounds we've heard from these guys so far! The music is stunning right from the very first heavy bassline and sharp drum crackle – more focused, more full-on, and more funky than before – with this mindblowing mix of super-tight rhythms and nicely trippy work on keyboards and guitar – all freaky and fuzzy, but always with a sense of purpose, too – and never just crazy for the sake of crazy! These guys really hit a new high with this set – simply wonderful, and at a level that has us falling in love with them all over again. Titles include "The Pit", "Gas Bottle", "Discovery", "Phenomenon Of Man", "Telekinesis", "Night & Day", "Looking Back", "Mass Psychosis", and "The Final Conclusion". ~ Dusty Groove


Excellent work from pianist Jon Davis – a player with a really wonderful touch on the keys – an attack that comes on strong, but then lays back to let the echo of every single note mean a lot – even when Jon's moving at a mighty nice clip! The style is great – not unfamiliar, maybe a bit like early Steve Kuhn, but very fresh in the hands of Davis – and spun out over a fair bit of original tunes on the set, which further showcase Jon's voice as a writer – and let us know that he's definitely an artist to watch in coming years. The group features Ugonna Okegwo on bass and Jochen Rueckert on drums – and titles include "Jazz Vampire", "Just For Fun", "Las Olas", "Changes Over Time", "Waltz For U", and "It's For Free". ~ Dusty Groove


Already touring extensively thoughout their native France, Rive Gauche is a new live and studio project fronted by Alexandre Destrez, pianist of Saint Germain’s albums (Tourist & Boulevard). Fans of Saint Germain’s two stunning albums on Blue Note will be pleased to know that the debut single from Rive Gauche is very much in the same vein.Smooth jazz grooves, seductive trumpet licks and smokey vocals are the order of the day here, laid over subtle electronic touches and solid beats. First up on remix duties, genre-hopping production maestro Simbad supplies an uptempo and fun jazz-house workout guaranteed to move a dancefloor (DJs should probably practise miming the ‘rewind’). Last but no means least, radio presenter and champion of quality music of almost all shades, Gilles Peterson takes the helm for the second remix. His multifaceted interpretation blends latin jazz vibes with Amen Break sampling drum’n’bass beats, somehow remaining delicate and floaty throughout. Creative and brilliantly realised, we can’t wait to hear what’s next from Rive Gauche.

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