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Born in Milan, Italy, Eleonora's interest in music began in her early teenage years, when she started studying drums and percussions. Joining various rock, pop and jazz bands behind the drum kit, she had the opportunity of touring Italy and Europe, as well as taking part in recording sessions. While drumming, she developed an interest in singing, as she supported her bands on backing vocals. Having moved to the UK in search for new inspiration, she started studying jazz singing, while performing at London's open mic sessions and writing her own material. Her first album, Stars, is out now and is arranged by London-based Latin master pianist John Crawford. The album features a mix of originals, pop songs rearranged and bossa classics - all presented in quartet and with a Latin vibe. Oher musicians on the album are John Crawford on piano and backing vocals, Andy Hamill on bass and harmonica and Andres Ticino on percussion. Upcoming UK appearances: Jan.14 @ The Paris House, Brighton with John Crawford (piano); Jan 22 @ Salt Cafe', Bristol with Martin Sean McConnell (guitar); Jan. 28 @ Jackdaw, Hackney (London) with John Crawford (piano); and Mar. 3 @ Bedford Street, Leamington Spa (Warwickshire) with John Crawford (piano).


Recorded in the south of England at the end of their 2013 European Tour, Avian Thug is the third studio album by jazz-rock ensemble Naked Truth, after Shizaru in 2011 and Ouroboros in 2012. Founded by Italian bassist, producer composer and Lorenzo Feliciati, Naked Truth sees Graham Haynes resuming his role as trumpet/cornet player, Roy Powell man the Hammond organ, analog synths and prepared piano and finally Pat Mastelotto deliver his usual energy on acoustic and electric drums and percussion. Avian Thug develops its themes across seven compositions, stretching from intensely furious electric jazz cavalcades, whose ancestry can be traced back both to Miles' electric work but also more recent European progressive jazz and progressive rock, to extended soundscapes, whose colors are reminiscent of the work of Jon Hassell or Nils Petter Molvaer. Over the last four years, Naked Truth's writing style has become progressively more incisive and focused, aided by the very tight co-production work of Lorenzo Feliciati and Bill Laswell, who also is responsible for the final mix of Avian Thug. Graham Haynes' trumpet tone has acquired clarity and expressiveness, Feliciati's bass work is now more essential as are Powell's prestidigitation on analog keyboards and prepared piano, supported by Mastelotto's polyrhythmic ever inventive and powerful electronic and acoustic drum and percussion work.


GRAMMY®-nominated, Sweet Honey in the Rock gears up for their upcoming album #Love In Evolution due January 22nd. The album’s stark second single “Second Line Blues” with its cryptic snare drum cadence, roll calls the names of innocent people that have fallen victim to murder at the hands of anyone from deranged civilians to police abusing their license to kill. Carol Maillard (who along with Louise Robinson is an original member of the group) states, “Since we started performing this piece, we’ve needed to keep adding names…and sadly, we’ll be adding more before things change.” Since 1973, this remarkable all women, African- American group has been creating historical and stimulating topics expressed through song, dance and sign language. The ensemble has produced over 20 albums and has interchanged with many vocalists. However, embarking on a new chapter in their musical journey, Sweet Honey In The Rock now includes four core vocalists—Louise Robinson, Carol Maillard (both founding members) Nitanju Bolade Casel, and Aisha Kahlil—plus Shirley Childress (an American Sign Language Interpreter who has been performing live with the group since 1981). One of the early highlights of their 2016 performance season will be Sweet Honey in the Rock’s 34th appearance at Carnegie Hall which will include special guest appearances by highly-regarded violinist Regina Carter and trumpeter Terence Blanchard. Their soon-to-be-released 24th studio album, #Love In Evolution, highlights Sweet Honey In The Rock’s signature blend of jazz, blues, soul, gospel, and African chants, containing 14 touching songs produced by Nitanju Bolade Casel. The album features an eclectic mix of new original songs and covers of a few popular classics.

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