Thursday, June 11, 2015

Singer/songwriter and harmonica virtuoso Scott Albert Johnson releases his second album, "Going Somewhere"

Singer and songwriter and harmonica virtuoso Scott Albert Johnson releases his second album, "Going Somewhere." A sonic distillation gleaned from the finesse of jazz, the grit of blues rock and the groove of funk, "Going Somewhere" reflects the human journey.

“The theme of this album, 'Going Somewhere,' is our motion – individually or collectively – towards some destination, known or unknown,” says Johnson. “The title track kicks off the album with a confident declaration of the main character’s destiny, while the final acoustic song (‘Fragments’) is a more pensive and thoughtful recognition of all the things that we don’t understand about the universe and ourselves. The hope is that the songs in between flesh out this theme.”

Born in St. Louis and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Johnson was exposed to the varietal stock of American music. He quickly connected with blues, but was later influenced by musicians such The Police, Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin, Louis Armstrong and Bob Dylan. Johnson has drawn from these artists’ unique styles and channeled them all into his own sound.

“I've always felt most influenced by artists who are kind of what I would call ‘triple-threats.’ They sing well, they play at least one instrument very well, and they write great songs. I take each of these three parts of the equation as seriously as any other part. I also feel most “in tune” with artists who kind of are ‘their own genre,’ borrowing from many different kinds of music. I hope my music reflects that.”

Johnson has been named one of the “Hot 100” Harmonica players worldwide by The Harmonica Company. He won the 2013-2014 Performing Arts Fellowship from the Mississippi Arts Commission. Previously named one of Mississippi’s “future Grammy hopefuls,” Johnson performed at the inaugural Mississippi Grammy Celebration with renowned artists like Marty Stuart and James Burton.

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