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Contains all of the Peter Tosh vocal tracks recorded for Lee Scratch Perry! Available on both CD and green translucent vinyl, this collection also contains rare singles from U Roy, Big Youth, Dave Barker and more! All rhythm tracks performed by Bob Marley's band The Wailers, who were the original Upsetters lineup! Singer, musician, composer, and rebel Peter Tosh cut a swathe through the Jamaican musical scene, both as a founding member of the Wailers and as a solo artist. He toured with the Rolling Stones and had an international hit with a duet with Mick Jagger, then toured again to equally rapturous world audiences as the headlining act. His words would cause an uproar at the One Peace concert, but then unlike fellow Wailer Bob Marley, Tosh always made his true feelings known. He was born Winston Hubert McIntosh on October 19, 1944, in the small rural village of Grange Hill, Jamaica. Like so many young island teens searching for a better life, he left home at 15 and headed for Kingston. Once there, he made his way to Joe Higgs' tenement yard, joining other aspiring youths eager for the vocal coaching lessons the singing star provided to local teens. Amongst these youthful wannabes were Bunny, Bob Marley, and the much younger Junior Braithwaite; the four, buttressed by backing vocalists Cherry Green and Beverley Kelso, joined forces initially as the Teenagers before eventually settling on the moniker the Wailers. ~ Amazon


Guitarist Pierre Dorge in a really unusual setting – not his larger orchestra, but a great small group with drummer Hamid Drake – who really helps bring out a whole new side of Dorge's music! The spare setting of the record also features Kirk Knuffe on cornet and Thommy Andersson on bass – and the players have this airy, open way of interacting – which really allows us to hear all these great sounds on guitar from Dorge, often with ringing tones that match perfectly with the cornet – but also bowed at other times, with a sonorous approach we especially love. Drake is great, as always – extremely sensitive in his approach to the drums – and titles include 'Wulla Wussa", "Blui", "Danza Reptilla", "Cha Cha Lupa", "Xongly", "Else Belse Bird Beard", and "Happy As A Cow". ~ Dusty Groove


The title's a great one, as the album may well be the clearest musical vision we've heard from Atomic so far – a wonderful record that has the group at a level that's slightly more tuneful and straightforward, but all without losing any of their previous edge! There's still some key free moments here, but they're also mixed in with some tighter, more structured songs that really show off the jazz chops of the whole group – the quintet that includes Magnus Broo on trumpet, Frederik Ljungkvist on tenor and b flat clarinet, Havard Wiik on piano, Ingebriget Haker Flaten on bass, and Hans Hulboekmo on drums. Wiik and Ljungkvist wrote all of the songs on the album, separately – and between them, they've got a balanced musical vision that really shapes the entire record. Titles include "A New Junction", "Laterna Interfruit", "Start/Stop", "Major", "December", and "A MacGuffin's Tale". ~ Dusty Groove

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