Monday, November 03, 2014

New Releases: IMAANI-Standing Tall; SEAN MCCABE-It's Time; THE GREG FOAT GROUP-Live At The Playboy Club, London


A great debut from Imaani – the soulful singer who's made some great music with Incognito in recent years! The cover's got a shoutout from Bluey on the front – but the music has a nicely different vibe than Imaani's music with Incognito, as she works here with studio talent Kevin Leo, whose come up with a great new direction for the singer! Imaani's got a firmer presence than ever before – and the grooves have a great blend of underground soul and contemporary R&B – focused, cut never too commercial – in the best sort of Brit soul mode we've come to expect from the always-great Dome label. Most numbers have lean, tight rhythms that really emphasize the hooks in the tunes – and titles include "Fall Or Fly", "Ten Thousand", "Standing Tall", "Please Let Me In", "Struggling", "Let's Do It Right", "Step Back", and "African Child".  ~ Dusty Groove


Soaring grooves from Sean McCabe – the artists' debut on the mostly-reissue Z Records, but a set that also puts him in the same sort of classic territory as his labelmates, the Sunburst Band! Sean's groove is filled with classic club touches, but is also a bit more contemporary – the warmest, most soulful side of the London scene – and at a level that we've not heard anyone do this well in a long long time – a set that takes us back to that magical time a decade or so ago, when London was really burning up our collection with wonderful records like this! There's plenty of echoes of The Rurals or Nathan Haines in the mix – and vocals are by a shifting array of singers, who glide across the keyboard-heavy grooves. Titles include "All Of The Above", "Everything's Alright", "Something About You", "Who's Foolin Who", "Love For Life", "Reach Out", "Back To Front", "Embrace You", "Somethin For Nothin", and "Tomorrow's Another Day".  ~ Dusty Groove


The Greg Foat Group are currently the resident band at the Playboy Club, located in Mayfair, London. Earlier this year a couple of nights were recorded for Jazzman, and the results are here for all to enjoy. Recorded live and direct onto 1" analogue tape the album captures the energy and atmosphere of the group at their regular gig. Awash with library-esque soundtrack-themed jazz grooves with a modal edge, jazz has never been so much fun! This is the 3rd album by the Greg Foat Group on Jazzman, and is the first album to be recorded live at the Playboy Club for over 40 years. Includes: By the Grace of God, I Am (Live); Exodus (Interlude);           Mr Minor (Live); Blue Melody (Live); Ingen Reklam (Live); Madrid (Live); Funky Fanfare (Live); Finky Minky; and Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag.

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