Thursday, September 04, 2014

New Releases: DAVID P. STEVENS - MR. Guitar; JJ SANSAVERINO - Waiting For You; CHINGARI - Bombay Makoss


David P Stevens delivers his fourth album, Mr Guitar! You've bopped your head to David's "Timeless" first album, You gave your partner extra hugs, kisses, dances and laughs to "The Shedd"! You got excited with David when he had his "Epiphany" in 2013, to release his 3rd and most acclaimed album to date! Sit back now, and get ready to dance, laugh, pray and rock out to the highly anticipated, MR Guitar!! Mr. Guitar features Gail Jhonson, Jeanette Harris, Elan Trotman, Andrew Neu, Jaguar Wright and more!! Put your headphones on and turn up!!!! ~ Cd Universe


JJ Sansaverino's sophomore CD release, 'Waiting For You," on Innervision Records is a collection of thirteen Contemporary Jazz selections reminiscent of the guitar work of George Benson, Wes Montgomery and Carlos Santana, Sansaverino's release is cutting edge, straying from the norm by incorporating the Urban Club sounds of NYC, as well as Caribbean, Latin, Brazilian, and even Italian influences.  Tracks include: Back Talk, Strive, Desert Heat, Montego Bay, Looking For Love, Gravy Train (Remix), For Everything, Sweet Baby, and The Struggle. ~ Amazon


Stunning new release Bombay Makossa by the group Chingari showcases virtuoso ensemble of U. Shrinivas (electric mandolin), Ranjit Barot (drums, vocals), and Etienne Mbappe (bass, vocals). Each a giant in their respective spheres, the three members of Chingari have joined forces to explore an unprecedented synthesis of international traditions on their debut album Bombay Makossa. Bombay Makossa fuses the rhythmic intricacy and improvisational fervor of South Indian Carnatic music with the infectious buoyancy of Cameroonian sounds, bridged by a shared love of jazz, second-line funk, and the shimmering textures and grooves of modern pop. ~ Amazon

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