Friday, September 26, 2014

Indie Soul Artist Gina Carey To Release Her Second Single From Upcoming Album “The Soulful Collection of Gina Carey” October 1st

It’s been 3 months since the release of Gina Carey’s first single “Through the Waters”, and now Gico Music is proud to announce the second single from her upcoming CD, “ The Soulful Collection of Gina Carey”, “Eyes of a Child” on October 1st .

Gina Carey’s “Eyes of a Child” is a smooth soulful mid tempo ballad loaded with intense emotion and deep powerful lyrics. “Eyes of a Child” talks about the importance of not losing the ability to pursue ones lifelong dreams, and challenges listeners to see life once again through the eyes of a child.

 “Eyes of a Child” was both written and produced by Gina Carey. Her husband, Recording Artist / Guitarist John Carey, contributed live bass and guitar. The single was recorded in Palm Desert California at the Gico Music Production Studios.

Throughout Gina Carey’s singing career, she has recorded 10 independently released CD’s including her latest two singles “Through the Waters” and “Eyes of a Child”.  Both singles “Through the Waters” and “Eyes of a Child” are following the footsteps of her 2011 CD release “Melodic”. Melodic” made its way to the #1 spot on the UK Soul Charts.

Gina Carey’s two latest singles, “Through the Waters” and “Eyes of a Child “seem to be trending the same manner as “Melodic”. Her first single “Through the Waters” from her upcoming CD “The Soulful Collection of Gina Carey” has already landed the #4 spot on the UK’s Danceteria’s Phatt 50 Charts and, although Gina Carey’s new single “Eyes of a Child” has not yet been released, it is also gaining superlative reviews and generous portions of Radio support.

“The Soulful Collection of Gina Carey” along with her two latest singles” will be released in March of 2015, however, “Eyes of a Child” will be available for digital download on October 1, 2014. “Through the Waters” is currently available.

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